Healthy Living: Top 3 breakfast cereals


1 – Grape Nuts 2 – The Food Doctor: Fig & Cranberry 3 – The Food Doctor: Cacao & Tangerine

I thought I would drop in for a second time today and have a quick chat with you about breakfast time. I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment, or at least trying to improve upon my current routine. As much as I love a good slice of toast with Marmite or peanut butter it’s just not the best way for me to start my day. So, over the last two months I’ve been alternating between cereal, smoothies and porridge for breakfast. I mostly stick to smoothies but try and have two days of cereal and one of porridge to mix things up a bit. At the weekend I’m a big fan of poached eggs and avocado with toast.

I’ve been saving up the various boxes of cereal that I’ve enjoyed for two months and have finally got ’round to sharing them with you. I’ve never been big on cereal, I don’t enjoy large quantities of milk (I use water in my porridge) but since I found Oatly (a milk alternative – my review) it’s made a nice addition to have during the week. Grape Nuts and The Food Doctor are two of my favourite cereal brands at the moment and as of yesterday I’m trying out a couple from Rude Health.

Grape Nuts are very very crunchy, which is why I like them. They’re as plain as can be so I add berries, grapes or a couple of dates into mine. P adds honey to his, I personally don’t add any sugar to my cereal these days. Grape Nuts go very well with yoghurt too, my mum is a big fan. Grape Nuts can also be used in baking, I like adding them to a crumble to give it an extra crunch.

I’ve tried two varieties of granola from The Food Doctor and both very filling. The first one I tried was Fig and Cranberry granola which I enjoyed very much. It had lots of crunchy seeds in it and the cranberry gave it a slight tang. I’ve not seen this one in the supermarket again but when it’s back in stock I’ll be sure to get more. All cereals from The Food Doctor contain naturally occurring sugars but they don’t have anything (such as salt, sugar or preservatives) added into them. The second box is Cacao and Tangerine granola (always seems to be in stock) which I’ve had a couple of times now. This has a distinct chocolate taste but it’s not too overpowering. The tangerine makes the granola a little tangy which I personally love. You only need a small bowl of any of these because they’re very filling and full of fibre.

I would love to track down The Food Doctor – Spiced Carrot & Sultana Granola – or maybe just buy it online.

What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?