Indiecana – My Lifestyle Boutique

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As soon as I arrived in Sheffield I was in full swing of setting up my new lifestyle boutique, Indiecana. In an ideal world I would have had the shop up and running in September but with the various freelance projects I had it meant that it wasn’t ’til November that I managed to proudly open the doors to my online shop. Indiecana has been open for just over two weeks now and I’m already learning a lot about the world of eCommerce.

Indiecana is a place where you can buy products which are deigned and made in Britain. I’m starting with a very limited selection of products to test the water in the run up to Christmas and then when January rolls ’round I’ll hopefully be stocking up on a bigger range of products. I really want to ensure that I take customers opinions and suggestions into account while I’m developing Indiecana. I want it to be a fun place to shop and find interesting gifts as well as giving makers the chance to reach a wider audience.


This is something I’m really proud of (for the first time ever) and I hope I can make it work. I’ve invested my time, money and passion into this project and really hope that I can turn Indiecana into a place you love to shop in 2015.

If you get time, I’d love to know what you think of the shop.

I will be documenting my small business journey over on the Indiecana blog.