Why I still send Christmas cards

I wanted to pop a quick post up this evening about Christmas cards. A few years ago I wrote about the decline of Christmas cards and for some strange reason I can’t seem to find it. If I do I’ll add a link in. I was basically upset to see that so many people had given up on cards in favour of Facebook, this was around the time I was at uni (2008). This year I seem to have quite a nice selection of cards from friends and family who I don’t see often but know they’re always there if I need them.

Today I’m sharing the reasons that I still send out Christmas cards each year. For the record, I don’t mind if people don’t send me cards, everyone has their own thoughts on it and some people simply can’t afford. This is purely a few fun reasons to show why I still enjoy doing it.



It shows you’re thinking of someone – It’s way too easy to drop everyone a mass message across social media, email and even via text that it loses its meaning. There’s always a select few people that you have a little more to say to than just ‘Happy Christmas’ and I find that a Christmas card is a much more personal way to do that.

Life updates and appreciation –  It’s a chance to write a handwritten message to a friend or family member that you don’t see on a regular basis. You can update them on little aspects of your life that they may be interested in, let them know your new address or simply wish them luck for the year ahead. Sometimes we all go through hard times, lose family and friends or just have a hard year. A note from a friend can really put a smile on someone’s face, I love to open up surprise post.

– Personal jokes – The sister card isn’t from my sister but one of my best friends and the joke is still going from around 2003.

Colourful pens and stickers – It’s refreshing to receive a handwritten card in this very email and social media orientated world we live in. Plus it’s an added bonus to get out the glitter pens and stickers. It’s also very easy to make your own cards these days and if you’re creative then it’s a fun way to exercise that interest.

–  Picking cards – I enjoy being able to pick charity, locally made and even glittery cards from Paperchase, it’s all part of the festive fun! Oh and an evening of mulled wine and writing out cards to your friends is lovely and relaxing.

Anyway, this is all coming from a girl who still has pen pals across the world. I don’t mind if others send me a Christmas card or not but I’ve had a few from friends and family this year and have hung them up around the house – they make for a good festive decoration.

Tell me, do you still send Christmas cards or would you rather drop someone a message online?