Foldable Wellington Boots – Butterfly Twists

A few months before Christmas the Butterfly Twists team asked if I’d like to give a pair of their rain boots a whirl. I was excited to try them out, they’re designed to be lightweight and flexible so you can fold them up into a small bag! Butterfly Twists were founded in 2007 and launched in 2009. Since then they’ve been growing pretty quickly and they have a big selection of fold up ballerina shoes and rain boots.


I was tempted to go for a brightly coloured pair but as I often need something city friendly I went with the subtle Black & Grey Windsors.


The cotton trim helps to pull on the boots and they create a soft a comfortable topper to the boot. No need to worry about the boot cutting into your leg.

Butterfly Twists are, as they say, very flexible. I was able to bundle them easily into the little waterproof bag and pop them in my suitcase for a trip home over Christmas.



I’ve found the boots very comfortable for walking around the city and for trips into the countryside, even when I only wear them with tights. However, I suggest wearing socks over your tights to keep your feet extra warm.

The boots have very good grip, I haven’t slipped on any ice or snow, yet! Let’s hope I haven’t tempted fate now.


These have become my go to shoe this week. I’ve been wearing them on my daily walk to the gym, it’s been raining non-stop.

I think they would be excellent to fold up and take to festivals, keep in the car for surprise rain and to pop in your backpack for walks in the woods or a cold winter holiday. I actually took a pair of my good old Hunters to Austria with me a few years back. Although they’re always trusty and super comfortable I would take my Butterfly Twists in the future, they’ll take up less space and weight within the suitcase.


I took some of these photos in the grounds of my apartment and couple of cute kitties came to see what was going on.

Price: £55 – they currently have a few styles in the sale.

What are your thoughts on fold up wellington boots?