Floral shirts and soft cardigans from Lands’ End


Oxford shirt | Slub cardigan | Lace trim blouse | Oxford shirt with ribbon trim

My mum has a pretty good sense of style, I’ve been known to pinch cardigans, scarves and shirts from her over the years (and still do). Actually, over Christmas I was hoping to borrow a hat from her but my sister managed to get in there first. My mum is quite particular when it comes to clothes. She tends to go for the smart yet casual look and there’s always a lot of flowers, cardigans, shirts and long boots in the mix. She’s currently trying to get out of wearing jeans so she’s invested in a few everyday skirts and needs some shirts and tops to go with them. The only problem is that she always sticks to the same shops.

I’d never heard of Lands’ End before but when they invited me to have a browse of their website I was quite surprised by what I found. There were lots of beautiful floral prints, soft shirts, cardigans and even pretty swimwear. Maybe I’ll be able to encourage my mum to try out a new shop. I’ve spent a little time browsing through the different collections and have pulled together a selection of items I would pick for for her, it just so happens that I actually like most of these too. That floral shirt is something I’d love to have in my spring wardrobe.

I hope that this post gives you some ideas for Mother’s Day and birthday treats for your mum this year.

This post was in collaboration with Lands’ End