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The Good Life

The Good Life

The Good Life

The other week in London I stumbled upon The Good Life Eatery. I’d seen lots of bloggers snap photos of delicious and healthy treats from there so I wasted no time in venturing inside. If you’re a fan of exposed brick then you will love the interior. There’s a positive and friendly vibe throughout the shop, I felt like I was in NY.

If you need to avoid certain foods or simply want to grab a bottle of juice or a healthy lunch then you’ll love this place. You’ll find all kinds of raw, vegan, gluten free and dairy free treats here. I was particularly pleased to see that they offer almond milk as an alternative to regular and soy milk. They also serve Chash Tea, one of my favourite brands of tea. You must try the chamomile if you can.

The queue was winding out the door when I arrived, it’s clearly very popular. As you enter the shop you wont miss the beautiful selection of cakes in the window. When I visited there was a gluten free Red Velvet cake as well as chocolate brownies, coconut cake and banana muffins which were all gluten and dairy free.

Next you will see a big refrigerator filled with cold pressed juices. The bottles are big and contain no nasties. I think I’ll go for a Dr.Green Love next time I’m about, it contains spinach, kale, apple and coconut. You will also find things like chia seed pudding and coconut water there.

Then the smoothie menu jumped out at me. I put my juice back and decided that a day trip in London was not the time to sample a new juice. There’s no added sugar in the smoothies and they’re dairy free. The menu included; The Hulk, Choc Norris, Berry Sunrise, Ninja Turtle and I think there may have been one more. I went for the Choc Norris. It was made up of almond/hazelnut milk, avocado, cacao, cacao nibs, maca powder and banana. This was truly delicious, filled me up (even with Phil taking regular sips) and disappeared pretty quickly. The addd cacao nibs on top gave it a nice little crunch.

If there was room, and we’d had the time to stay for lunch I’d have gone for the The Good Life salad and Phil wanted the saffron chicken wrap. There’s a lot of choice on the menu and I hear they do an all day brunch at the weekend. As you can tell, we were browsing the menu for a while and were torn between waiting for a seat or continuing to browse around London. After spotting the smoothies we were happy to stick with that and save the food visit for another day when we could get a seat.

Before I forget, the peanut butter cups were delicious, the best we’ve ever had. They made for a much needed energy boost later in the day (we always do a lot of walking in London) and I’ll be buying more on my next visit. I’m desperate to recreate them at home and have already made a couple of batches but they aren’t quite as good.

I wish I’d taken more photos but it really was busy. Phil and I will be heading back to The Good Life Eatery on our next weekend visit to London. We’re hoping for the all day brunch menu and of course, some juice.

Location: 59 Sloane Avenue London SW3 3DH