Making Bath Bombs with Handmade Collective – Leeds

The other week I jumped on a train to Leeds for the Making Bath Bombs workshop hosted by Claire from Little Shop of Lathers. I arrived early and met up with the lovely Sophie from Onetenzeroseven. As always, we talked business, ate nachos and then headed over to the workshop together.

Grand Arcade Leeds

The workshop was organised by the friendly team at Our Handmade Collective as part of their Creative Craft Classes. The shop is located in the Grand Arcade which is filled with lots of independent shops.

Our Handmade Collective

The workshop itself was held across the way at The Bridal Emporium. We were supplied with tea, cake, equipment and materials to make the bath bombs. Claire from Little Shop of Lathers shared her bath bomb knowledge with us. She told us all about the ingredients (think sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and sweet almond oil), explained why they’re used as well as how to colour, fragrance and decorate the bath bombs.

Bath Bomb workshop Leeds

Claire clearly demonstrated each step before it was our turn to get making.

IMG_037Bath Bomb workshop Leeds3

Here you can see a selection of the colours we used. We also had a choice of around 8 fragrances to pick from. I decided to go with lime because it reminded me of chocolate limes (which I’ve been craving ever since) and then used a lilac colouring powder and some glittery stars to decorate.

Bath Bomb workshop LeedsBath Bomb workshop Leeds

We had a step-by-step guide to help us with our creations but Claire was constantly on hand to answer questions, test our mixtures and generally give us a hand or remind us of the next stage.

It was optional to wear gloves but as I have quite sensitive skin and my hands were particularly sore I decided to use them.

Bath Bomb workshop Leeds


I enjoyed using the star mould to make my bath bombs. You simply push all the mixture into the mould and then nudge it out.

Bath Bomb workshop Leeds

There were 4 of us in the class and everyone got along well. The atmosphere was relaxed and we all had the chance to ask questions throughout the session.

The workshop lasted for two hours and at the end we were sent away with the bath bombs we’d made and a Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit.

Bath Bomb workshop Leeds

I really enjoyed the Making Bath Bombs workshop. I gained new skills which I’m looking forward to putting into practice. The class was £20 and this included a Make Your Own Kit to take away (usually £10) and all refreshments, materials and equipment were provided. I think the workshop was totally worth the money. Thank you so much to Claire for inviting me along to make bath bombs, I had a fantastic time. I think you’ll all be pleased to hear that the next Making Bath Bomb event will be held on 14th May – more info.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the website because I’m very keen to go to a future Creative Craft Class. I think it’s very important to continually learn new skills or develop the ones you already have. This workshop made a welcomed change for me, most of the activities I do are focused on business so it was nice to spend an evening getting creative with a lovely bunch of people.

Our Handmade Collective can be found at 19 Grand Arcade, Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6PG. You can also keep up to date with them over on their blogFacebook page and of course, Twitter.