Kosta’s Greek Deli – Sheffield


Today’s post is just for those of you in Sheffield, or maybe anyone who happens to visit. Kosta’s Greek Deli opened up March and has quickly become one of my favourite local places to grab lunch.

The menu consists of traditional Greek wraps, salads, sweets and iced coffee. I’ve tried both the wraps and salads and can confirm that they’re delicious and the portion sizes are very generous. I think my all time favourite order from Kosta’s Deli has to be the salad (they’re huge) which comes with a hunk of feta, hummus and lots of fresh crunchy leaves then a cheeky side of chips to share (go for the small, it’s still large). You can pick one of six fillings; gyros, chicken souvlaki, halloumi, falafel, loukanika and beef & lamb kofta. I’ve tried the chicken and loukanika and both are very tasty, the meat is juicy and seems to be of good quality. I must say that it’s the loukanika that I keep going back for, it’s just delicious, especially with fresh salad.

The food is all fairly priced, especially for such large portions. I think most things around the £4 mark, I’m going to double check on that when I pop into the shop this weekend.

Finally, one of the important aspects for me is the staff. I’m very pleased to say that they’re very friendly and really go out of their way to make sure you’re happy with your food.

Location: 214 Shoreham Street Sheffield S1 4ST