Unoco Raw Coconut Water Review


Today I’m here to tell you all about Unoco Raw Coconut Water. I came across Unoco in Waitrose the other week. I’d finished up with my gym session and as always, needed something tasty for my walk home. I really enjoy coconut water and have tried out a couple of brands but never Unoco. The packaging of this bottle really stood out to me. It’s simple, clean and stands out on the shelf against all the other drinks. I actually think they should have a little gap in the packaging so you can see the soft pink coconut water.

If any of you are wondering, the coconut water turns pink because of the naturally occurring anti-oxidants.


Unoco is made from young green coconuts (the type you see people sipping from over on Instagram). They use high pressure processing (no heat) which means the coconut water keeps its flavour and is packed full of electrolytes. You also won’t find any additives in this drink.

The young coconuts which are used grow wild in the Philippines. Unoco source directly from smallholders in the Philippines. They work hard to support the people they work with and empower them to work for themselves and harness their strengths. It’s nice to find a delicious and ethical product.


I really enjoyed the taste of Unoco. It has a smooth, slightly sweet flavour and is very refreshing. It’s quite different from Vita Coco, which I enjoy but I find that has more of a sweeter flavour.

I found my bottle in Waitrose but I believe that you can also find them at EAT, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and other health food shops.