Business: Hiscox entrepreneurial workshop for bloggers – Manchester


A while back I went to a fantastic entrepreneurial workshop for start-ups in London. It was run by Hiscox and The Start-Up Academy. I shared 10 tips for new start-ups to keep in mind, I think some of you will enjoy the post. Recently I went to a second Hiscox event but this time it was targeted at bloggers and held in Manchester.

I met Fran bright and early at the station. We grabbed a coffee, chatted about all things business and blogging and headed off to Manchester. We made our way to Victoria House where we met Sophie, Lily, Kay, Michelle, Nadine and many more bloggers. If you haven’t been to Victoria House yet then you must change that. It’s a unique hotel and venue space, I even spotted a tiny cinema.




After a couple of cups of tea we all settled around a big conference table with our notebooks and pens at the ready. Throughout the day we heard from Anick Akbar, founder of The Start Up Academy and Helen Nugent, editor of Northern Soul. They shared their top tips on building and turning a successful blog into a profitable business.

I’d like to do a few separate posts on the topics I know very well. For now, here are 6 simple tips to keep in mind when turning your blog into a business

Networking online and offline: Get out to blogging events, meet-ups and of course, make the most of Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites.

Just get started: Find your idea and run with it, get started and make changes along the way.

– Always focus on sharing top quality content – This applies even if you don’t want to create a business from your blog.

– Create a USP (unique selling point) – There are lots of blogs out there, what makes yours stand out?

Learn how to price your time – You have to value and respect your time and then other people will too.

Be polite when dealing with PR companies and small business – This is obvious and should be applied to all walks of life.

I thought the Hiscox event was useful for anyone thinking of starting or turning their blog into a business. I’m always looking to improve upon my content and learn new skills so I found this event very interesting. Hiscox have shared a post on turning your blog into a business, it’s well worth a read.

I didn’t have many photos from the day because I was too busy taking notes and networking with the inspiring people around me.