Sunday Morning Relaxation




As much as I like to wake up early at the weekend I do try to take things easy on a Sunday. You’ll still find my alarm going off at 7am but instead of getting ready for the day I’ll head to the kitchen to make a batch of pancakes, a big fruit bowl or even some croissants. I like breakfast to be more of a treat on a Sunday, the longer it lasts the better. I generally like to make food from scratch but every now and then it’s nice to keep things simple, quick and easy. That way you can jump back into bed with a book, magazine or your laptop and take some time to relax and prepare for the week ahead` .

One of my favourite treats (this post was put together before I cut out wheat) are Jus-Rol croissants. Jus-Rol sent some vouchers to me a while back but by the time I got ’round to using them they were out of date. I’ve used Jos-Rol a lot over the years, at least a couple of times a month so I know how good their pastry selection is. I decided to go ahead and pick up a pack of ready-t0-make croissants.

These cans of pastry are so handy to keep around the house. Just be sure to put it in the fridge, I forgot on this occasion and left mine out over night. Everything was fine but the pastry expanded over night and popped out of the can extra fast. So, you simply unwrap the can, take out the pastry and then roll your croissants into shape. I think leaving them plain is boring, the croissants are already made for you, it would be rude not to spend some time filling them with something extra. So take a selection of cheese, Nutella or jam and fill each one up then roll into shape. The pastry is perforated to help guide you. They really are very simple and tasty.

Once they’re ready you can get back into bed with warm croissants and big cups of Nespresso. Don’t forget to use a tray though, you don’t want crumbs in the bed!

Although I’m all for working hard I think waking up early and taking an hour or two to relax is a good way of getting a head start on the day. Time off can help you get back to your desk with new and fresh ideas. If I’m in the mood to work then I’ll take the time in bed to put together my to do list for the week ahead. Staying organised helps to keep me relaxed.