New York Italian House Made Afternoon Tea at Marco’s New York Italian – Sheffield

Just a quick note to those of you who haven’t arrived here from part 1. In my previous post I go into detail about Marco’s Italian and the Traditional Afternoon Tea. Been there, done that? Then read on and enjoy.


In the first part of this post I shared my review of the Traditional Afternoon Tea at Marco’s New York Italian in Sheffield.

The restaurant is fairly easy to locate but is situated slightly away from the town centre. Saying that, it only took 10 minutes to walk there from the Cathedral tram stop. The restaurant is just below the Hampton by Hilton hotel and is easy to spot.


This is the New York Italian House Made Afternoon Tea. It’s a twist on the classic afternoon tea and if you’re looking for something fun and original then this will do the trick.

Just like Traditional Afternoon Tea you can indulge in a glass of prosecco or simply make your way through bottomless cups of tea and coffee.

The afternoon tea was presented on a tea stand fashioned from an old wine box. I really liked the presentation of this and I personally think it’s a little more exciting than the classic way we’re used to afternoon tea.


I’m sure you’re keen to rush straight into the cakes but let’s start at the top.

The selection of sandwiches included pastrami on rye, a smoked salmon bagel, pulled pork roll and bruschetta. I thought this was a fantastic collection of sandwiches and I’ve been keen to try pastrami ever since that episode of Friends.

The pulled pork roll was delicious, it was tender and flavourful. The bruschetta was light and crisp, another firm favourite.

The only point I’d make here is that the bagel would have worked better with a little cream cheese alongside the salmon. Otherwise, it was a perfect selection of sandwiches. Not the classics, but you don’t pick the New York Italian if you’re looking for something traditional.


Now we’re onto the sweets. Let me start by telling you about the vanilla milkshake shot. This was presented in a sweet glass bottle with a red and white straw, right up my street. It was a vanilla milkshake which had a strong flavour but was not too sickly.




The cake selection was quite fantastic. There were chocolate cookies, orange & polenta cake, chocolate brownies, filled cronuts and donuts with white chocolate dipping sauce.

Each and every cake was amazing.

The brownie was soft, moist and very chocolatey. I can honestly say it’s one of the best brownies I’ve ever had. The orange and polenta cake was soft and flavourful. I’d never had polenta cake before but now I’m keen to recreate this at home.

This was clearly a day for trying new things. I’d obviously heard a lot about cronuts but never tasted one. This was finally my chance and it was absolutely delicious. Sweet, flakey and chocolatey, I loved it.

The donuts were really something special. They came with a side of white chocolate dipping sauce which added yet another element of fun to the tea. They worked really well together and Phil ended up using up the dipping sauce for the rest of the cakes, not that they needed anything extra added to them.


Finally, just like the traditional afternoon tea we were presented with a cute mini picnic hamper. This time it included a selection of biscotti and a chocolate dipping sauce. This is presented beautifully and is a fun little surprise at the end of the afternoon tea.

This is a unique and exciting addition to the afternoon tea. You don’t get this everywhere and I think it adds to the special treat and experience offered by Marco’s New York Italian.


Once again I’d like to say a big thank you to Marco’s New York Italian for inviting me to the restaurant. The atmosphere was relaxing, the staff were very attentive and friendly and I’ll be heading back there for another visit soon.

I thought both of the afternoon teas were well presented, filled with quality food and are a good value for money. If I was to pick my favourite it would be the New York Italian. I enjoy trying something new as opposed to always going for a classic afternoon tea.

LocationWest Bar Green, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2DA

Pricing: £16.00 per person and with a glass of Prosecco £19.95 per person

Allergies: If you’re looking for a gluten free version of the afternoon tea then simple book in advance and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.

Be sure to keep an eye on the offers page and you can find all the contact details there to book your afternoon tea.


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