Gin Explorer Review

It wasn’t long ago that I attended the Gin Festival in Cambridge. I had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back again next year. If you’re not sure what to expect from a Gin Festival then check out my video (hint – there’s lots of gin). Not long after the Gin Festival the team launched their very own subscription box, Gin Explorer and they very kindly sent one out for me to review.

Gin Explorer

Gin Explorer contents

I was very excited when my Gin Explorer box arrived in the post the other week. The attention to detail is fantastic. The box looks like a little old fashioned suitcase and when you open it up a pretty booklet acts as your tour guide through the box. Even the writing in the booklet is magical, I almost felt as though I was getting lost in a good book. This is really more than just a subscription box, it’s an experience. You’ll learn something new each month, and find yourself sampling gins from around the world.

Gin Explorer contents

Inside the April box I found:

– 4 Mini gins; 6 o’clock, Ish London Dry Gin, Zymurgorium’s Manchester Gin, Little Scarlet Strawberry Gin Liqueur
– 1724 tonic water
– Infugintonic
– Wilkin & Sons Orange Marmalade
– Gin festival rock

Gin Explorer 5 gins

Gin Explorer mini gin bottles

My thoughts on each of the gins:

6 o’clock Ginis created by Bramley and Gage. The business was started here in England by Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage and is now run by their son, Michael and daughter, Felicity. They aim to keep everything as local as possible when it comes to creating their products.

6 O’clock Gin is a strong gin with clear citrus notes. If you’re looking for a classic G&T on a sunny afternoon then this is ideal. I enjoyed this as a long drink with tonic.

-Ish London Dry Gin – is a gin created by The Poshmakers. I’m going to try and find out a little more about the brand and will edit this post as soon as I do.

I really enjoyed the strong kick of juniper with this gin. It’s delightful on its own over ice or with a splash of tonic and a grapefruit slice. Another gin perfect for the summer months, let’s hope we get some good weather this year.

Zymurgorium’s Manchester Gin – Zymurgorium was founded by Aaron Drake, in 2014 and they’re Manchester’s first and only craft distillery.

This is a very complex gin with a distinct earthy flavour (I found it hard to put the flavour into words). If you’re looking to try something unique and modern then this is the gin for you. I found it to be a warming gin and I could clearly pick out the note coriander. It’s perfect over ice on a cold evening, both Phil and I really enjoyed it. I also think this would make some fantastic cocktails, I’ve saved a little to give it a try.

Little Scarlet Strawberry Gin Liqueur – Made by Wilkin & Sons Ltd, you know, the people who make the famous Tiptree jam that sits on our breakfast table each morning. They use Little Scarlet Strawberries which can only be found on large scale on the Tiptree estate.

This is a very sweet gin, perfect for a treat after dinner. It’s almost like drinking fresh, gin infused strawberries. I thought this was delicious over ice but it’d also make a good base for cocktails. I’ll have to grab a bottle and see what I can create.

Gin Explorer tonic


I’d never heard of 1724 tonic water before. I always enjoy trying new tonic waters because they all offer something slightly different. The tonic itself isn’t overly sweet which makes a nice change, it has more of a subtle zesty taste to it. I also liked that the fizz wasn’t overpowering like some commercial tonic waters can be. I’d love to grab a few more bottles of this to try with different gins.

Gin Explorer

I was a confused yet delighted to find a small pot of Wilkin & Sons Orange Marmalade inside the Gin Explorer box. All was revealed with The Breakfast Martini. I can’t wait to give this cocktail a try and I’ll be sure to report back and let you know what it’s like. As always, photos will be included.

Gin Explorer

The Infuguntonic is a fun little ‘teabag’ of flavour. It’s a unique idea all the way from Barbate, in the Cádiz region of Spain. This idea is great for anyone who likes to experiment and with their drinks.

You simply pop the ‘teabag’ it into a glass of gin for 2-3 mins and you’ve got a new pimped out gin. I think this would be fun to try with a classic gin, one you’ve drank a lot and fancy trying something new with. Don’t forget to add tonic and ice to taste. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve given this a try.

Gin Explorer

I had so much fun exploring the April edition of the Gin Explorer. It would make a perfect for any gin lover or as a special monthly treat for yourself. Every month will offer something new and exciting. I think it’s the perfect way to sample different gins throughout the year ’til Gin Festival rolls back around.

There’s the option to subscribe with a rolling month box (£24.99) or pre-pay for 3 (£69.99) or 12 months (£279.99).

Which is your favourite gin at the moment?