Pizza Express Spring Menu 2016 – Sheffield

Pizza Express spring

Pizza Express Sheffield decor

Pizza Express Sheffield tables

The other week Phil and I were invited to sample the new spring menu at Pizza Express. I’ve been a fan of Pizza Express for a good few years and they’re always introducing new and exciting additions to their menu.

We went along to the Devonshire Street restaurant here in the centre of Sheffield. We’ve both been to this brach previously and the service has always been fantastic. I also really like the layout of the restaurant and never feel rushed to move on, it has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Pizza Express Sheffield table

Pizza Express Sheffield water

Pizza Express Sheffield drinks

As soon as I spotted the Watermelon Chill on the menu I knew I had to order it. Anything with watermelon in is a must try for me. It’s a very refreshing drink and will be perfect throughout the summer months. It’s a blend of watermelon and strawberry with fresh mint. It was a little sweet but not overpowering. I’ll be ordering this again on my next visit.

Pizza Express Sheffield

Pizza Express Sheffield - starter

To start I went for the Italian classic, Prosciutto E Melone. I was presented with a plate of prosciutto crudo and honeydew melon. It was the melon that made me pick this dish. I adore eating fresh melon throughout spring and summer months. P enjoyed pinching most of the prosciutto from my plate. The salty prosciutto crudo worked well with the sweetness of the melon. This is a very refreshing and light starter.

Pizza Express Sheffield - Starter

Pizza Express Sheffield

Phil went for the Classic Italian Antipasto, you can also pick this to share between 2. The plate was filled with a selection of Italian meats, lots of olives, aubergine, buffalo mozzerella, soft doughy bread with cheese and a pot of spicy harissa and garlic butter dips. It felt like we were on holiday, the portion was very generous.

I would highly reccomended this starter, especially if you’re looking for something to share. I really enjoyed the olives, aubergine and harissa dip. Phil couldn’t get enough of the bread, meats and buffalo mozzerella.

Pizza Express Sheffield

Pizza Express Sheffield

My original plan had been to have the Leggera Superfood Salad, but unfortunately it wasn’t available. Laura said the Superfood salad was delicious and that I must try it on my next visit. I’ve tried a couple of salads from Pizza Express before and they’ve always been very satisfying.

I decided to go for the Hawaiian. This is a long-awaited addition to the Pizza Express menu. A Hawaiian pizza wouldn’t be my normal choice but Laura assured me that I’d enjoy it. She was right, I’d totally pick this pizza again.

The Romana base was delightfully thin and crispy (you can also pick a GF pizza base). Pizza Express have done well with giving the traditional ham and pineapple pizza a new twist. It had a sweet chilli pineapple chutney which was delicious. There were thin slices of prosciutto crudo and a mix of mozzarella and Gran Milano cheese on a white béchamel base. You must giving this a try. Phil didn’t think he’d like it but after his first slice there was no stopping him. He even finished off my leftover pizza the following day.

If any of you are wondering about my dairy and gluten issues this meal was enjoyed the night before my tests. 

Pizza Express Sheffield

Pizza Express Sheffield

On Jai’me’s recommendation Phil went for the Calabrese pizza. This was also served up on a beautiful, thin Romana base. It was topped with spicy Calabrese sausage, roquito peppers, roasted red and yellow peppers and mozzarella. The pizza was garnished with lots of fresh spicy rocket, pesto and Gran Milano cheese.

The pizza was very tasty and we both really enjoyed it. The rocket really helped to add a spicy kick.


We wouldn’t normally go for desserts as well as starters but as we were there to sample the new menu it would have been rude not to. Phil decided to try the Passionate Mess, straight from the spring menu. It was a delicious, zingy and fruity cheesecake.

Pizza Express Sheffield dessert

Pizza Express Sheffield dessert

I decided to take Jai’me’s suggestion and go for the Caffe Realé. It’s part of the dolcetti menu which offers a mini dessert alongside a coffee of your choice. I went for a double espresso which was beautifully presented alongside a delicious pile of sweet and spicy figs on a mountain of mascarpone. This was a perfect end to our meal. If like me, you’re a big fan of figs then you’ll love this dessert.

Pizza Express Sheffield

We both had a fair few slices of pizza left over so the restaurant kindly boxed them up for us to take home.

Pizza Express Sheffield

The staff were as friendly as ever, especially Laura and Jai’me. We were made to feel very welcome and the staff were always ready to offer advice on their favourite picks from the menu. We also noticed that Jai’me was very personable with everyone in the room. We can’t wait to go back again.