Snapshots of Crete 2016

We arrived back from Crete late on Tuesday evening. I’ve been straight back on it with work since our return. Waking up before 7am has made a big difference to my productivity levels these last few days. I’ve haven’t managed to get to the gym yet, focusing on catching up after a week without internet has been a priority. I’m aiming to go for a couple of runs over the weekend while I’m away in Cambridge. I much prefer running outside there than I do in Sheffield.

We both had a lovely time in Crete. We normally opt for city breaks so a summer holiday made a nice change (we have our friends beautiful wedding to thank for the excuse). The island is beautiful and much bigger than we were both expecting. Unless you rent a car you can’t venture too far away from the town you’re in. We did manage to take a taxi to a couple of nearby towns though.

Everyone is very friendly and that made our stay even better. I haven’t had the chance to go through all of the photos yet but I’ve picked out some of my favourites to share today. I’ve also been sharing photos on Instagram, so don’t forget to have a nosey if you fancy lots of blue shades. I always like to share a selection of snapshots as soon as I’m back from my travels. I may have got a little carried away but I hope these photos give you an insight to Crete.

There will be more Crete blog posts and videos coming up over the next few weeks. I’ll also be sharing some throwbacks to Budapest too, so be ready for lots of travel.

Agios Nikolaos Boats

The day we visited Agio Nikoalos was perfect. It was hot but a little overcast which meant there was a good breeze so we could explore the town easily. It’s much harder to walk about in the direct sun.

Agios Nikolaos FlowersAgios Nikolaos Fisherman

I really enjoyed drinking fresh watermelon juice and watching the local fishermen getting their boats ready.

Agios Nikolaos Sponge

These natural sponges were available all over Crete.

Agios Nikolaos statue

A statue of Nikos Koundouros – a film director born in Agio Nikoalos

Agios Nikolaos Old Art Shop

An old neglected art shop. You’ll notice that I have a fascination with taking photos of abandoned buildings and shots of colours and shapes that inspire me. Is that a bit hipster? Maybe, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing.

Agios Nikolaos Stairs

Phil taking snaps with our new Canon m3 – so far we’re both loving it for film and photos.

Agios Nikolaos flower

Always take time to notice the little things on your travels.

Looking out at the view

This bright yellow hat is from Jigsaw, it was perfect for keeping my face protected from the sun. The thunderflies were also really into it.

Elounda Fisherman's Boat

Can you tell I like boats? I actually thought I was scared of going on them but after our trip to Spinalonga it turns out they’re a lot of fun.

Agios Nikolaos Iced Coffee

Always stop for iced coffee, water and slushies on a hot sunny day.

Agios Nikolaos Toy Boat

A cute little boat that looked more like a toy boat. They were all painted with primary colours and had bright yellow fishing nets.

Agios Nikolaos Building

I just love the uneven walls and blue shutters.

Agios Nikolaos Salad

We had some fantastic food while we were away. Aside from the insanely good food at the wedding, this salad was a real winner for me. Balsamic vinegar, big leafy greens and pomegranate – delightful.


The day we visited Spinalonga (also known as Kalydon) the sun was shining bright, really bright. The heat was intense and although we enjoyed seeing the island we couldn’t explore as much as we wanted. It’s full of history, stunning views and well worth visiting. I’ll tell you more about Spinalonga soon.

Boat to Spinalonga

We took a boat over to Spinalonga which was a refreshing break from the heat. The sea was many shades of blue, and you could see straight through to the fish and rocky floor.

Spinalonga Cactus Window

I was delighted to find this naturally framed cactus tree on Spinalonga.

Jet Skis

We spent a lot of time reading on our balcony, taking in the spectacular views and promising that if we’re ever on the island again we’ll rent a jet ski or boat to explore more.