10 ways to save money this week


Purse from DVF – similar here.

I’ve talked on multiple occasions about saving money for long-term goals like a deposit for a house or travel. I’ve also spoke about the importance of money management. Managing your money can take away a lot of daily stresses and I’m all for minimising stress.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had a few emails asking for help with saving money in the short term. So, less of the money management side of things but more focus on making mindful decisions about spending the money in your current account.

Today I thought I’d share some simple tips on how you can save money from week to week. Hopefully you’ll be able to adapt these points to your own life but if you’re struggling then do feel free to drop me an email and I’ll give you a hand.

– Make your coffee at home – Fill up a flask (I use a Keepcup, so hipster) each morning and enjoy your coffee on your way into work. If you really want your vanilla latte then pick a syrup up from TK Maxx or a supermarket (for the price of your usual coffee) and then make your own at home. I’d also suggest setting aside the money you’d usually spend on coffee/tea for the week.

Take a packed lunch – Preparation is key. Avoid buying sandwiches and snacks at work by stocking up on you favourite food during your weekly shop. Make yourself a tasty lunch, along with fruit and other snacks to avoid buying lunch on the go.

– Go to the library – If you love to read then try using your local library. I know, it’s rare to hear people mention the library these days which is a shame. I think it’s totally worth signing up to your local one. If they don’t have the latest books you’re looking for they usually order them in. Grab a couple of reads (FYI – I really enjoyed Burn The Bullshit by Stephen Doran) for the week and save yourself £20.

Take a reusable water bottle to the gym – It’s so easy to grab a bottle in the gym but when you’re going a few times each week it quickly adds up. I use a water bobble which has a handy little filter inside. I also like reusing the same bottle because I can keep track of how much I’m drinking. Set aside any money you’d normally spend on buying bottles of water.

Walk as and when you can – Where possible get outside and walk. avoid the tram, bus or your car and simply set off a little earlier to your destination.

– Plan your meals for the week ahead – Planning out your meals not only saves time but it will help you to stick to a shopping list. Buy what you need for evening meals, breakfast and lunch items and see how much you save compared to you normal shopping trips.

Don’t go window shopping – If you want to save money then don’t go and browse the shops. You’ll end up treating yourself to something small here and there and it quickly adds up. I find that this happens a lot with make-up. It doesn’t cost much to buy a nail varnish, a new lipstick and ‘oh look, there’s a new shower gel to try’. This stuff adds up real quick. Totally avoid it and focus on saving towards things you really want and need.

Invite friends ’round to your house for drinks – For the price of a large glass of wine in a bar you could buy a bottle. Instead of going out with the girls this weekend invite them over to your house for nibbles and drinks.

Keep a few snack bars in your handbag – This will stop any impulse snack buys, we all know how easy those can be.

Cancel monthly subscriptions – A gym subscription you don’t use, a monthly beauty box, anything you don’t really need. I recently cancelled my Spotify account because I don’t use it as much as I once did. That saves me £10 a month which is £120 a year. I now use the wifi at the gym to listen to podcasts and YouTube videos during my work out.

At the end of the week look at all the money you set to one side. Add it up and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save in 1 week with just a few simple lifestyle changes.

If you’ve got any tips on saving money from week to week then please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I think that it’s important that we all help each other.