Blogs You Should Be Reading – 11

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I hope you’ve all had a good week. I’ve spent the last few days in Cambridge and London seeing family and friends. I tried a delicious dairy free ice cream from Yorica and explored the Tate with my mum, auntie and cousins. I then met L in Cambridge and we went to watch the fantastic Absolutely Fabulous movie. It’s been a lovely few days. Tomorrow I’m heading back to Sheffield for a week or so and I’m looking forward to seeing P.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s selection of blogs, videos, shopping inspiration and social media channels:

Fran interviews Sophie from Onetenzeroseven for her Women Leading series.
– I’ve been enjoying tweets from @MissPond over the last few weeks.
– I need to give this Mango Mojito recipe a try this summer.
– I’m longing to go to Japan after catching up with the Brisbane Traveller’s latest post on Takayama.
Aileen shares beautiful photos from her travels.
– Tasha Laws shares very cute photos of her Honda ice cream van.
– Jess and Josh share a delicious recipe for a sweet potato and dhal pie.
– This watermelon phone case by Sonix is high up on my wishlist.
Rachel’s vlogs always make me want to pick up my camera.
– I really enjoyed reading Mae’s post on Bahrain.

I’m always looking for new content to read so feel free to send me your best blog posts over onTwitter or in the comment section below.