4 Reasons to Continually Update Your CV

Applying for a new job is pretty much a full time job in itself. The application process is often long, writing the perfect cover letter is an art and then there are interviews with multiple stages. So when you finally find something you like it’s all too easy to get settled.

It’s good to develop and grow within a job you enjoy but it’s very important to always ensure your CV is up-to-date. It’s essential to be ready to adapt to changes in your field and you should always be open to new opportunities. Yes, even if you think you’re happily employed or self-employed you should continue to update your CV every couple of months.


4 Reasons to continually update your CV and LinkedIn page:

Personal development: By keeping track of your work progress you’ll be able to see how quickly you grow and develop within your current role. Make note of the new software you learn, the methods you implement and anything that you see as a success and a step forward. I personally like to keep track of my achievements in a simple note document on my phone and then I add these into my CV. This is particularly important for those of us who are self-employed. It’s easy to keep on the hustle without taking the time to appreciate the goals we hit and the skills we develop.

Be prepared for the unknown: You never know when your circumstances might change. Redundancies happen so it’s good to be prepared. Having been in this situation before I can tell you that having multiple income streams is very important. It can help to keep you ticking over ’til you find your next job. It’s also good to have your CV ready to go. Updating a year-old CV is never fun but making edits to one you updated 2 months ago won’t take long at all.

Salary negotiation: You can get an idea of your expected salary by talking to industry experts or through the new Value My CV app. The latter is a pretty handy tool from the folks over at the search engine site, Adzuna. The app evaluates your CV with a specific algorithm to target keywords within your education and job skills. You’re then presented with an estimated salary and a selection of suggested jobs. You could use this to evaluate your current salary. If you believe you deserve a pay rise then this will give you the confidence to put a pitch together for your next review.

Room for improvement: There’s always room for improvement. I think it’s very important to continue learning and developing upon our current skills. By adding in your achievements and defining your future career path you’ll be able to figure out the areas in which you need to improve upon. You can then use this to put yourself forward for courses or mentoring schemes within your work.

When did you last update your CV?

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