4 Warm Winter Breaks For Your Bucket List

Here in Sheffield we’re already getting signs of autumn. Nothing consistent, just the odd day here and there. Yesterday I was carrying around my umbrella and wearing a warm scarf. Thankfully it’s a little brighter today, let’s hope it lasts.

As much as I love autumn (and I really really do) I still don’t feel I’ve had enough sunshine for 2016. I need a couple more weeks of solid sun and watermelon smoothies. I’ve been doing a little research on potential holiday breaks with lots of winter sunshine and today I’m going to share my current list with you. I hope to visit these places over the next few years and would love to know if you have any other winter break destinations for me to add to the list.



I’m putting Australia right at the top of this list because my friends have just moved there. They’re based in Sydney and it would be rude not to visit them. Australia has never been somewhere I’d thought of visiting ’til I saw my friends photos from their Christmas trip. Now that they’re living there they’re always uploading lovely photos to Instagram and it makes me want to visit even more.

There are many reasons I’d like to visit Australia, form the beautiful beaches and outdoorsy lifestyle to the the vibrant city life. However, most importantly, I’d love to visit the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru.


Over the last couple of months I’ve heard a lot of people talking about Lanzarote. Like Australia, it had never been on my radar ’til I saw my friends photos and heard their stories. My biz pal, Sophie from Ontenzeroseven shared some fab photos from her trip and a few of my other close friends have been and returned with happy memories.

I’ve heard it’s one of those places where you should really rent out a villa. I’ve been having a browse on Villa Plus and they have some real beauties available. The idea of grabbing a few friends and escaping to your own villa and private pool sounds perfect right now.

The reason it appeals to me so much (aside from the good weather) is the wide variety of activities available. There are beautiful beaches where you can learn to surf or dive, lots of scenic hiking trails and many cycling routes.


I’m keen to go back and visit America as soon as possible. I’ve had a few trips there which hold many happy memories. I currently have family dotted around California and Florida (I’m totally up for visiting a few waterparks and of course, Disneyland) so there’s really no excuse.

A Californian road trip would be ideal, with a long stop off in Palm Springs, I have a soft spot for their beautiful mid-century homes. Alternatively, I wouldn’t say no to Miami. They have pretty beaches, good food and I’ve always wanted to visit the Pérez Art Museum, have any of you been? Oh and not to forget a visit to the Everglades. There’s just so much I want to see.


The final destination on my list (for now) is Morocco. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but never got around to going to. I’m not sure why. A winter escape to the sun feels like the perfect excuse to finally make the trip.

Ideally I’d like to visit Marrakech. I like the idea of spending the morning exploring the bustling souks, drinking fresh mint tea after visiting the Bahia Palace and then making my way down the little streets to stay in a riad.

Where would you like to go on your next winter break?

Thanks to Villa Plus for inspiring this post.