I’ve closed my little shop, Indiecana

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. Not long ago I mentioned that I was re-launching Indiecana. Things have moved quickly and totally changed direction.

I’ve closed my little shop, Indiecana. 

Phew, there I said it.


Indiecana will be closed for the foreseeable future and I don’t have any plans to invest in new stock. I really enjoyed running the shop but I didn’t have my heart totally in it over the last 7 months.

Whatever your goals are in life you should always be 100% into it if you want it to succeed.

My long-term business aim has always been to pack my travelling office into my backpack and work from anywhere in the world. I currently spend my time between Cambridge and Sheffield and it was getting to the point where I didn’t want to go away for a few days due to Indiecana. I liked sending out my orders the next day and didn’t want it any other way.

It had also become clear to me that other aspects of my business (like this blog and freelance projects) were much more important to me. I think focus is very important in business and in most aspects of life. I needed to be focusing on the side of my business that I really wanted to grow and develop. So, I made the decision to close down Indiecana.

Another chapter in my life has closed and as always, it’s one I’ve learnt a lot of new business skills from. It’s not that dramatic at all. It’s a shame but I think it’s a wise business decision.

I’ll still be using the Indiecana social channels and website to support indie makers here in the UK and around the world. I don’t get rid of domains that easily. I also enjoy supporting small businesses so for now, if you enjoy finding out about indie brands and makers follow Indiecana on Twitter.

My final tips to all my self-employed friends is to not spread yourself too thin. Find what you love and really focus on that. Never be afraid to end a business so that you can spend your time, energy and money on another project. It’s much better to give something a try than always talk about it but never get it started.

Thanks to everyone who supported this little adventure of mine.