Blogs You Should Be Reading – 13

I’m finally back with a Sharing Sunday post. Over the last month or so I’ve been in Cambridge with visits to Suffolk, London, Yorkshire and Norfolk. It’s been a busy but fun few weeks with family and friends. As you can imagine, I’ve spent a lot of time on trains and had extra time to catch up with blog posts, podcasts and of course,YouTube videos.

flowers at th farmers market

I hope you enjoy all my finds from the last month:

Last night I made this delicious Peanut Potato and Spinach curry that I found on Emily’s blog.

I’ve been getting lots of fashion inspiration from Sophie’s colourful outfit posts.

This Fig and Honey cocktail by Liz looks like a real treat.

In Adam Buxton’s latest podcast he talks to Michael Palin.

This neat little maroon handbag would be perfect for the upcoming autumn months.

I’m longing to go to Copenhagen after watching Bumpkin Betty’s video.

Katrina shared her beautiful artwork in June.

Kristabel introduces us to Zeena Shah and takes us behind the scenes of her biz.

My Dad Wrote a Porno is a very funny listen.

Mat shares all the things he learned during his 10 day visit to Japan.

I adore this post on the beauty of doors by Yasumi.

Fran interviews Yasmin in her fantastic Women Leading series.

I really need to try making these Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes by Aimee.

Sophie has launched her new shiny shop.

I’m a sucker for fruit themed purses like this one by Kate Spade.

Asda have super cute bedding for autumn, think toadstools and little log cabins.

Boyan Slat is working hard to rid the sea of plastic.

Gary talks about passion and finding work you love.

Joelle shares 10 things that university taught her.

Becky shared a delicious free from Banoffee Pie.

As always, feel free to send me your best blog posts over on Twitter or in the comment section below.