2 Coffee Inspired Cocktails For Halloween

I love getting together with my friends and family on the 31st October to carve pumpkins, watch scary films and drink cocktails. I’ve been pinning like crazy over the last couple of weeks in search of some Halloween cocktail inspiration.

Espresso martini with crystal head voddka

After a little research I stumbled upon Sophie’s post about her love for Espresso Martinis and they just so happen to be one of my favourite cocktails too. They’re also delightfully easy to make. So, with a little help from my pals at 31Dover I decided to give my first homemade Espresso Martins a try.

Espresso martini

What you’ll need: 

2 shots of Vodka – I was kindly sent some Crystal Head vodka from 31Dover to try
1 1/2 shots of Kahlua (add more/less depending on how sweet you like it) 
1 shot of Espresso  – I went for my favourite black Nespresso pods
Lots of ice

Coffee Martini with Crystal Head Vodka


Grab a cocktail shaker and fill it with 3/4 ice.
Pour in a shot of your favourite coffee, just over a shot of Kahlua and a 2 shots of vodka.
Shake Shake Shake.
Pour it into your glass of choice and garnish with a couple of coffee beans.

Nespesso Martini

Why have I never made espresso martinis before? They’re so simple to make and I always have the necessary ingredients in my cupboard. I’m sure these are going to be a firm favourite tonight and I can see myself making these a lot over the next couple of months.

Espresso martini for Halloween

The second cocktail I’ll be serving this Halloween is a White Russian. This is another easy-to-make cocktail and uses the same base ingredients of vodka and Kahlua. I like to keep things simple when I’m hosting a party or having friends over. Stick to a few key ingredients for your cocktails and you’re good to go. It makes organisation much easier and then there’s more time to have fun.

Dairy free white russian

What you need:

2 shots of Vodka
1 shot of Kahlua
1 shot of milk  – I used almond milk

White Russian - almond milk


Fill a glass with ice.
Pour a shot of vodka and Kahlua over the ice.
Take a spoon and then pour your milk of choice over the back of it and into the glass.
Take a few photos and then enjoy.

White Russian with Crystal Head Vodka

Pouring the milk over the back of a spoon will help to create the layering you see in the photo. You can also use cream or any type of milk alternative you fancy for this drink. I like to keep things dairy free ’round here.

White Russian

For these cocktails I used a couple of miniature bottles of Crystal Head vodka. I’d never tried it before but had seen the undeniably awesome bottles around. I tried the vodka over ice before using it in my cocktails. It’s much smoother than any vodka I’ve had before and although I’m normally a gin girl I really enjoyed it. It also worked perfectly to make these two cocktails and of course, you’re left over with a pretty awesome bottle by the end of your party. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the larger bottles.

So tell me, what scary films shall I watch tonight?