Karma Cola Drinks – a biz with a positive purpose


Karma Kola bottles

After seeing PoppyD tweet about these pretty bottles a while back I was intrigued to find out more. I checked out their website in search of my local stockist (FYI it’s Waitrose) and it turns out that these drinks aren’t just pretty bottles.

Karma Cola are a business with a positive purpose. The company was founded in New Zealand back in 2012 and they’ve grown quickly over the last 4 years. They create organic and Fairtrade fizzy drinks which all taste really good. Proceeds from each Karma Cola bottle sold goes to growers’ families. The proceeds go into the Karma Cola Foundation and are then distributed to the 8 communities they work with in the Tiwai region of Sierra Leone. The communities then decide which projects they want to fund.

Karma Kola Drinks

There are 3 drinks; Gingerella, Karma Cola and Lemony Lemonade. I really enjoy all of the drinks and although I don’t drink fizzy drinks regularly, I do love a bottle of coke from time to time, especially from a glass bottle. So, Karma Cola makes a delightfully ethical and tasty alternative for when those moments strike. I’ve since repurchased all 3 of these drinks and will be keeping any extra bottles for my grandma. She used to have quite the collection of bottles and I know she’s going to love Gingerella.

I love to find out about up and coming businesses, especially when they have a positive mission so I just had to share Karma Cola with you today. If you like the story behind this biz make sure you pick up their drinks to try, you won’t be disappointed.