Our Christmas Day Roles

I always go back to my parents house over Christmas. I can’t imagine doing Christmas in any other way, unless we all went away together (I’m hoping to get them to agree to a ski trip one year). We start the day with a long countryside walk and then all work together to make the Christmas dinner before a round of Moustache Smash.

When it comes to making the Christmas dinner my dad always takes the lead. Cooking comes naturally to him and I love that he makes a combo of English and Middle Eastern inspired dishes. He tackles the mains and always makes sure there is something for the meat eaters and something for the veggies. We’ve all cut down on eating meat this year so I’m excited to see the new veg dishes he introduces.

My mum is in charge of roast potatoes, parnips and a host of colourful veg. I can’t wait for the parsnips on Christmas day. She also gets baking in the run-up to Christmas and there are always fresh mince pies for visitors. My sister is in charge of the stuffing but refuses to share her recipe. She also takes control of making sure the board games are ready and crackers are in place.

I run with the cranberry sauce, it’s a speciality of mine and of course, the dairy free baking. Phil takes control of the nibbles and drinks throughout the day. We’re both also snapping photos and videos throughout the day.

Having our own little rules makes for a smooth Christmas day. I thought it would be fun to share this step-by-step guide to cooking Christmas dinner. I really like the colours and illustrations of this infographic, it’s really cute. It takes you through the process of cooking Christmas dinner and ensures that no steps are missed.

The Step-By-Step Christmas Dinner Cooking Guide
Provided by AO.com

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