3 Ways With Sloe Gin This Winter

3 ideas with Sloe Gin

The festive season may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to put the sloe gin away. Oh no! Winter doesn’t end ’til 19th March and we’re yet to see snow here in the UK. That means there’s plenty of time for cosy nights in with friends and a bottle of sloe gin.,

Over Christmas I was surprised to find that a few of my gin-loving friends had never tried sloe gin. I quickly changed that with a little help from my friends over at 31Dover. They kindly sent me a bottle of Williams Chase Sloe & Mulberry Gin (it’s currently on offer – YAY) to try out.

3 ways with sloe gin

I thought it would be fun to share the 3 ways my pals and I enjoyed sloe gin over the festive season. You’ll be pleased to know that they’re all real quick and easy to make. If you haven’t tried sloe gin before you’re in for a real treat.

Sloe Gin with Tonic

This is ideal for when you want to take it sloe with a long drink. 


2 shots of your sloe gin of choice (50ml) – I used Williams Chase Sloe & Mulberry Gin
Tonic water – I like Fever-Tree
Frozen berries

Williams Sloe Gin and Tonic

  • Take your favourite glass, pop in a few ice cubes and frozen berries then fill with your favourite tonic water. Don’t forget to leave room for the sloe gin.
  • Next slowly pour in a double shot of sloe gin. Have your camera on hand to get the obligatory Instagram shot of the tonic and gin mixing together.

Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin

  • Finally, relax and enjoy.
    Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin and Tonic
  • Don’t forget to eat the berries after the drink. They’re all fizzy and gin infused, delicious!

Sloe Gin Fizz 

Perfect if you fancy something a little fancier 


2 shots of sloe gin (50ml)
Champagne or Prosecco
Orange slice or pomegranate seeds to decorate

Making cocktails - prettygreentea

  • Fill your champagne flute with your favourite fizz.Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin Making cocktails - prettygreentea
  • Pour in 2 shots (1 if you prefer) of sloe gin.Sloe Gin and Slice of Orange
  • Decorate with pomegranate seeds or a slice of orange.
  • These are dangerously good and a lot of fun to sip throughout the night.

Sloe Gin on the Rocks:

This is the simplest of all and it’s the way most sloe gin fanatics would insist you drink it.


Sloe gin
Orange/cinnamon stick to garnish

Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin over ice

Take your favourite glass, add ice and pour over a double shot of sloe gin. Add a cinnamon stick or a slice of orange to garnish and enjoy!

Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin on ice

 Williams Chase Sloe & Mulberry Gin has a lovely rich flavour with a sweet yet slight tartness to it.

I’ll be mixing up a couple of these drinks when Friday rolls ’round. I really enjoy this gin neat but it’s nice to have a longer drink so I’ll be mixing mine with tonic. 

How do you enjoy your sloe gin?