#24HoursinParis VLOG

The other week I told you all about my #24HoursinParis via Doncaster Sheffield airport. I really enjoyed sharing what we got up to and I hope the post gave you a few ideas for your next trip to Paris. I’d love to go back again soon with my family and go on another Segway tour, they’re just so much fun and a really unique way to see the city.

If you’re still curious to find out more about what we got up to then you might enjoy my vlog from the trip. You can watch the video above or pop over to my YT channel and leave a comment. I really enjoy filming and editing videos and although I’m still new to it I have lots of exciting video ideas. I’m trying to learn something new about film and video editing each day so that I can continually improve upon my skills.

I’ll be sharing another travel video this Friday so I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel.

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