Why I love Short City Breaks

Phil and I love to travel. We enjoy taking city breaks throughout the year, both in the UK and overseas. Regular short city breaks are the key to fitting holidays into a busy schedule and you can make them as luxurious as you wish or even keep them budget friendly.

Whenever we go away we always spend a couple of evenings researching blog posts and Pinterest and then marking everything we want to do onto a Google Map. Even if you don’t have internet while you’re away (Three Feel At Home sorts us out) you can download the map to use offline. We then refer to the map when we’re walking around the new city. We fill our map with cute coffee shops, dairy free pitstops, museums, city walks and and much more. We’re hoping to go on a Segway tour during our next city break.

I thought today would be the perfect day to tell you about Inntravel’s latest campaign. Inntravel are all about slow holidays and they’ve recently launched a new range of short break holidays which cover walking and cycling breaks through different European cities. They also have a selection of snowy breaks in the Apls and Scandinavia. I don’t feel like we’ve had our fair share of snow this year so I wouldn’t mind getting away to somewhere cold and frosty. Inntravel asked me to have a nosey through their site and think about where I would pick to take Phil on a surprise getaway.

2 trams Budapest

After exploring the Inntravel website it’s safe to say that I’m very excited to book a trip away in the next couple of months. As you can imagine, I couldn’t pick just 1 place so I’ll be telling you about 3. Phil and I find it very hard to book surprises for each other. It takes a lot of planning to be able to figure out if we’re both free at the same time. It’s rare we book very far in advance but I think that makes it much more fun. A last-minute surprise weekend break is my favourite kind.

We both enjoying visiting Germany and although we’ve only been to Berlin together I’m very keen to take him to Munich. Inntravel have some fab walking holidays around Germany  which luckily includes Munich. I’ve always felt that I could live in Munich, there’s just so much going on there, it really is one of my favourite German cities. I know that Phil will love visiting Nymphenburg Palace and of course, Hofbrauhaus for traditional food and beer. The Munich city break is for 2 nights with a centrally located hotel and a self-guided city walking tour. This break is classed as an add-on (add it onto another break) but I think 2/3 nights in Munich would be lovely.


I’m also keen to go back to Austria. I’m certain that Phil will love it there, especially during the colder months (we both love the snow). It was a few years back that I went to Salzburg but I remember it well. It’s a beautiful city with ornate buildings, lots of history and friendly people. The Inntravel Salzburg break includes 4 nights in two 4-star hotels and a self-guided tour. I particularly like the idea of the self-guided tour. You have the chance to get out and explore but with a little guidance so you don’t miss anything.

One of our most talked about holiday destinations this year is Norway. We’re both longing to visit and explore their forts museums and good food. I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to Norway this year which is very exciting indeed. The hotel for this trip looks lovely and is centrally located so you can spring out of bed and explore the city with ease.

I think booking a short break for your partner or friend is such a fun way to treat them. It something you can both enjoy together and memories always last longer than things. If I was to book a surprise trip for Phil it would be a short city break in Oslo, Salzburg or Munich during the autumn or perhaps the spring. I think the autumnal and spring months make walking and sightseeing much more enjoyable. In the height of summer it can simply get too hot to explore. Although having the excuse to people-watch and sip on a couple of cocktails always goes down well.

Why not use tonight, the evening of love to book a surprise trip for your partner, a friend, a sibling on a parent. There are no rules. I also love travelling with my sister so I hope that I get the chance to book a break with her very soon.

Thanks to Inntravel for collaborating with me on this post.