3 Generations of Gin Lovers

It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of drinking your old favourites and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I’m huge believer in embracing change and trying new things. I’m sure you all know how easy it is to have that same favourite drink you always stick to. While I think it’s good to know what you like it’s also fun to explore and support small batch, new businesses and something a little out of the ordinary. I love supporting small and growing businesses so it only makes sense that I extend my support to the world of gin.

Pinkster Pink Gin

It was when I first went to the Cambridge Gin Festival that I discovered just how many different types of gin there are in the world. If you want to find out more about that trip and hear a few interviews with some awesome gin folk then check out my vlog. It was from that moment that I decided it simply wasn’t fair to have all these gins to hand and never have the chance to give them a fair try. So I set off on an adventure to try and share as many gins (and whisky too) as possible here on Prettygreentea.

Pinkster Gin for 2

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of gin. It’s a love that’s been passed down through the generations of our family. I remember watching my grandma make a G&T on a sunny afternoon. She measured the gin and slowly added the tonic to see its sparkling bubbles. As I grew older I noticed my mum doing the same. She’d always make a round of Gin and Tonics when friends and family came to visit. I loved how a simple G&T could bring people together. Naturally it became my drink of choice too.

Pinkster Gin and Tonic

I’m now working on getting my mum and grandma to try new gins and the one in question today is Pinkster Gin. I first tried Pinkster Gin at the Cambridge Gin Festival and loved it. However I haven’t had the chance to try it since, so when my pals at 31Dover sent over a cute bundle of Pinkster Gin and Boozy Berries I knew this was the perfect excuse. I’ll be taking the bottle of gin along with the boozy berries (if there are any left) when I visit my mum in a few days. I’ll have to add in a photo of us all trying it. Sigh, I miss living in the same city as my mum.

Pinkster and Tonic

Pinkster Gin is a real treat. It was launched in 2013 and is produced near Cambridge. It’s a refreshingly smooth gin with a subtle fruity hint. The berries are not at all overpowering and you can still detect the lovely juniper that us gin fans all love.

Gin and berries

I’ve been popping berries into my Pinkster and Tonic this week but I’ve heard that mint works fantastically. Don’t worry, I have mint on my weekend shopping list and will be sure to report back over on Twitter.

pinkster boozy berries

It turns out that Boozy Berries have quickly turned into a kitchen essential. These berries are gin infused (a result of Pinkster Gin) which you can add onto ice cream, into drinks, dip into chocolate or simply eat them straight from the jar! Keep an eye out for a post on how I like to use them.

How do you enjoy your Boozy Berries?