Inspiration for 3 Relaxing cycling holidays

This year I’m aiming to get outside and explore more of the world. I want to incorporate more active holidays into my year as opposed to just taking city breaks. We’ve already planned to learn to ski/snowboard this year. Phil is set on snowboarding but I’m going to do a taster lesson of each before deciding.

We also want to take part in some self-guided walking weekends and a cycling holiday. I think it would make such a nice change, especially when the weather is good. This is where Macs Adventure comes in. They offer a whole host of active holidays and they have some particularly fun cycling holidays throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and around the world. Self-guided holidays give you a lot more flexibility in your adventures while still having access to support. I like that they have options to suit everyone. If you’re just starting out you can pick a flatter and more relaxing route. Alternatively you can pick something which will be more of a challenge.

I’ve picked out a few destinations to share with you today. I’d love to get to at least one of them this year and if you’ve been to any then please let me know in the comment section below. Each of these destinations offers a variety of cycle routes but they’re all focused on offering a relaxing but active holiday. I hope they give you some inspiration.

Cotswolds – Having never been to the Cotswolds before we suddenly have a couple of upcoming trips there this year. They’re more likely to be during the summer months but I think an autumnal cycling trip here would be beautiful. I don’t really like cycling in the city but I think I’d feel just fine along the country roads and quintessential little villages. I get this feeling this would make a nice introductory trip to a cycling holiday.

As much as I enjoy going for countryside walks I think jumping on a bicycle simply helps to to see more of the place you’re visiting. You can take things slow, jump off your bike to adventure around your favourite spots and then end each day by visiting a cosy traditional pub.

New England – It’s not somewhere I think we’ll get to visit this year but New England is pretty high up on my bucket list. I like to think we’ll visit there in the next couple of years. The New England Coastal Cycling tour sounds perfect to me. The route covers a bunch of places I’d like to visit such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. I personally love coastal life just as much as countryside life and I think this trip sounds like the perfect combination. The coastal stretch would allow endless possibilities to explore the beaches and the inland route would offer up views of horse farms and apple orchards. Please can I go right now?

I’d love to do this trip during autumn. Just imagine the stunning colours and scenery that you’d be surrounded with.

Austria – I love visiting Austria. It’s such a beautiful place with lovely people, good food and of course, lots to see. I really enjoyed visiting Salzburg a few years back, that’s where the photos in this post were taken. It’s the birthplace of Mozart and one of the fourth largest cities in Austria. It only seems right that I give the Mozart Cycle Path a mention. It goes through Salzkammergut, Chiemgau and Tyrol. Throughout the trip you can fuel yourself with delicious Bavarian food, what’s not to love?

It’s clear to see from my picks that I’m more of a leisure cyclist at this stage. I love city breaks so with the addition of a bicycle it simply means more ground can bee covered. I like the idea of making my way between each destination on bicycle and then having a comfortable hotel to stay in for the night. I also like the flexibility that Mac Adventure offers which is perfect for those of us who like to stop and take photos or visit local coffee shops.

Thanks to Mac Adventure for collaborating with me on this post.