How To Make A Jasmine Fizz Cocktail

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - ingredients

Today I’m showing you how to make a Jasmine eaizz Cocktail with a little inspiration from my pals over at 31Dover. You might need to plan ahead to ensure you have all the ingredients to hand or you could simply grab a bundle over at 31Dover. Once you’re sorted with the ingredients it’s pretty easy to make.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

Ingredients you will need:

Willem Barentsz Gin – 50ml 
Lemon Juice – 25ml 
Jasmine Flower Syrup – 20ml 
Egg White – 15ml 
Soda Water
Grapefruit Segments – 2

Let’s get started – Method:

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - citrus
Slice the grapefruit and remove the peel from 2 slices.

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - lemon
Squish the lemon juice – I used 1 full small lemon.

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - Willem Barentsz

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail with gin
Measure out 50ml of Willem Barentsz Gin. Muddle the grapefruit segments with 50ml of gin and a big squish of lemon juice – 25ml if you want to be exact.
Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - egg white
Separate the egg white from the yolk and add it into a cocktail shaker.

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - Monin Syrup
Pour 20ml of Jasmine syrup into the cocktail shaker.

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail in the garden

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail Shaker
Give everything a good shake. Then fill your favourite glass with ice and strain the cocktail straight into it. If you don’t have a shaker use a big glass and give everything a good mix with a fork. Then use a sieve to strain the drink into your glass.

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - opening Fever-tree

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail with Fever-tree

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - Soda

Top up the glass with soda water.

Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - easy to makeJasmine Fizz Cocktail for Spring
Garnish with a grapefruit slice or peel and enjoy.

31Dover always have a fab selection of bundles in stock. I think they make for a really fun gift or simply a nice treat for yourself. If you fancy learning how to make a new cocktail then a bundle is the best way to go. It helps to make the process much more simple. I currently have my eye on the Amaretto Sour Cocktail bundle and the Hot in Here collection.