Making Pannukakku pancakes

Berry Jam for Finnish Pancakes

I hope you all had fun making pancakes on Tuesday! This year I decided to do something a little different. I made traditional Finnish Pannukakku pancakes for the first time. Phil and I hope to visit Finland this year, particularly Helsinki. When choosing where to go on holiday we always do a lot of research. We take into account the culture and history of the city we want to visit and of course, their food. I think food is a big part of travel and the perfect way to experience life as a local. The folk over at Expedia knew we were interested in visiting Finland and set us the challenge of making Pannukakku pancakes.

This was our second time making Finnish food. Just before Christmas with a little help from Phil’s friend we learnt how to make Karelian Pies. I even documented the day with a vlog.

Double Berry jam from Finland

So, I had a quick search online and found a recipe for Pannukakku pancakes. I decided to split the recipe in half as it was just for the 2 of us. It’s a very simple to follow so do give it a try.

An evening of Finnish pancake

The day before making the pancakes I popped up to Ozmen, an international food market here in Sheffield. I managed to find a traditional Finnish jam which our friend N tells us is how the pancakes are typically enjoyed in Finland. It’s a mix of blueberries and raspberries, delicious. Through my research I’ve also seen people having the them with bacon which would be sure to satisfy anyone with a craving for both sweet and salty treats.

Making Pannu Kakku pancakes

Finnish pancakes with jam

This was my first attempt at making the pancakes and I was very happy with the results. They’re very easy to make and I even substituted the butter for oil to make them dairy free. As you can tell, it’s basically one big pancake with a lovely crust and a soft filling, almost like custard. It’s very tasty, especially with the jam. You could top the pancakes however you fancy; Nutella, lemon and fresh fruit would all work delightfully well. They made a nice change from the usual pancakes I make and I’m looking forward to whipping up another batch at the weekend.

Now I just need to find the time to book an adventure to Finland.