Cambrudge Zio Mario

A couple of days ago I arrived at Cambridge station by bus. I normally get dropped off by car or walk so I often don’t pass by the new shops near the bus area. On this occasion I discovered a fairly new coffee shop, Zio Mario. It’s situated just by the bus stops, a little further down from the station and has been open since January.  You can see the exact location over on their website

Zio Mario has quickly made it onto my list of favourite coffee shops in Sheffield. My mum was on her way to the station so I called her from the train to make sure she popped into the bakery with her friend. The interior is simple yet beautiful with pretty decorative tiles, big windows and wooden tables. It has such a relaxing atmosphere too.

Zio Mario Cambridge Logo

I love the logo and branding which you will spot throughout the bakery and of course, on their coffee cups.

Zio Mario Cambridge Coffee

The coffee is simply fantastic. It has a very rich yet smooth flavour and they even offer both soy and almond milk. Although I think this coffee is probably best enjoyed black it’s still nice to have milk alternative options available. I went for a flat white, as usual and it was honestly one of the best I’ve had in a while. I really didn’t want it to end.

As well as coffee they also offer a good selection of teas and cold drinks. I’m hoping to grab a bottle of NIX & KIX juice next time.

Zio Mario Cambridge Oven

Zio Mario Cambridge Pizza

Zio Mario Cambridge

Zio Mario Pizza Muffins

As soon as you enter the bakery you’ll be met with the beautiful scent of fresh bread. They have multiple ovens to cook up pizza, bread, focaccia, pizza muffins and much more.

Zio Mario Cambridge Pastries

It’s not just about the savoury treats though. They also offer fresh pastries, cakes and biscuits too. You really must pop in before your next train journey or just to pick up some fresh focaccia before heading home.

If you can’t already tell, I adore the place. I’m looking forward to grabbing a coffee from Zio Mario before our train journey back to Sheffield tomorrow.

Location: 21 Station Place, Cambridge, CB1 2FP