It’s all about sticker books

I have a couple of lovely colouring books which I’ve been using over the last year or so. I tend to reach for them when I’m feeling stressed out in the evening. They live in the draw by my bed along with a set of colouring pencils, a couple of biz books, magazines and a cookbook which I haven’t had the chance to read. There’s now a new addition to this selection of mindful and de-stressing tools and that is this beautiful sticker book – Stickertopia: The Forest – £3.99.

When I was younger I loved sticker books and that love doesn’t seem to have disappeared. I may have hit 30 a couple of weeks ago but I still find myself buying packs of stickers likes these and these for my paper diary. I recently ordered these beauties from Onetenzerseven to add to my sticker collection. So, when the Book People got in contact and asked if I’d like to check out a sticker book targeted towards adults I simply couldn’t say no. I was also really excited to be contacted by Book People. I’ve been buying from the brand for years. They stock a fantastic selection of books for kids but they also have lots of cookery, business and creative books.

I just so happened to get an awful cold the other week. It lasted for well over a week and I’m still feeling quite run down from it. Despite being bitter annoyed at having a cold it turned out to be the perfect excuse to open up Stickertopia and take some time to relax.

The first thing I noticed about this sticker book was that it was beautifully illustrated with peaceful forests and woodlands. I love going on long walks in the countryside and through the woods. It gives me the chance to be mindful about the next steps of my life and the chance to cut off from work. This book gave me the same feeling and once I got started with the stickers there was no stopping me.

There are 30 backgrounds each with their own description and corresponding sheet of stickers. So far I’ve started getting creative with the Norwegian Forest, New England in the Fall and Bluebell Wood. I’m trying to find a little time once a week to spend relaxing and dreaming up a magical forest.

The sticker sheets offer a good selection of animals, plants, trees, flowers and more. You can cut each sheet out from the back and keep them to hand when you’re getting creative. I wish there had been more animals on the sticker sheets but I did enjoy making use of the dainty leaves and plants. A lot of the stickers are fairly small so it forces you to concentrate a little harder.

Another reason I’ve really taken to the world of sticker and colouring books is that I’m not one for drawing, even my stickmen are questionable. But illustrators by Kate Sutton, Luci Everett and Yan Yan Candy Ng (who created this book) are stunning. I can get lost in their creations but still bring my own mark and creativity to it.

I think that this book would make a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys colouring books, stickers or who simply needs to a little nudge of encouragement to relax.