Sudio Vasa BLÅ Headphones Review & 15% Discount Code

Sudio Headphones close up

Last month I unboxed some shiny new headphones over on Instagram Stories. It’d been ages since I tested out a new brand of headphones so I was very excited. I’ve now been using them for well over a month so I think it’s about time that I share my thoughts with you.

Sudio Headphones Prettygreentea

These headphones are the Vasa BLÅ style by Sudio. They’re a Swedish brand who have a passion for quality headphones and wireless technology. Actually, if you’re keen to find out more about the brand then check out my Behind the Biz interview with Johan Gawell, the CEO of Sudio. I think you’ll really enjoy finding out about their business journey.

The headphones come beautifully and securely packaged. In the box you will find: Vasa Blå earphones, 4 pairs of extra buds, manual & quality assurance card, leather carrying case, metal clip and charging cable.

Sudio Headphones Rose Gold

There are 4 colours to pick from; black, white, blue and pink. I was torn between the black and the white ones but in the end decided to go with white to match my phone. I really like the rose gold detailing, it makes them a little more chic than regular headphones. They go well with my outfits and look really stylish.

Sudio Rose Gold Headphones

I usually opt for in-ear headphones because I find them to be much more flexible and easy to travel with. These are my first bluetooth headphones and I’m already a convert. They easily slide around my neck and sit comfortably in my ears without any excess wires hanging down to get tangled. I also like that the two ear pieces are attached and there’s a much lower chance of losing one or the other.

Sudio Headphone Buds

I was pleased that the headphones came with a variety of earbud sizes. I tried them all out and finally selected the best ones for my ears. It’s really important to take some time to do this. If not, it can really affect the sound of the headphones. You want to ensure they’re comfortable and don’t fall out of your ears and that they also help to lock in the sound. I found that with this style of earbud I have to squish them into my ear a little and then they don’t fall out. They aren’y styled to hang in your ear but to bee more inserted into your ear with a little squish to seal them in.

Sudio Headphone Pouch

The headphones also came with a little leather carry case. I’ve spoke for ages about the importance of keeping headphones clean. It’s hard to do because we all just want to chuck them into our handbags, it’s an easy habit to get into. However, headphones can easily pick up dirt from around the house, tables and of course, handbags. I’ve enjoyed having a dedicated case to store the headphones in. It helps to keep them safe, clean and I haven’t misplaced them since I started using them.

Pairing the headphones up to your phone is real simple. Once they’re fully charged make sure you’ve got bluetooth switched on and then hold down the play button for 6 seconds and you’re good to go.

Sudio Headphones Charge

Let’s talk battery life for a moment. They come with a little charging cable which you pop into a USB socket. It’s a standard micro USB so it’s cheap and easy to replace if you lose it. If you’re short on time you can give them a shot of charge in just 10 minutes. If you need full power then plug them in for 2 hours, which is still pretty quick. If you happen to not use them for a few days they seem to keep their charge which is really useful. I’ve got into the habit of charging these once a week as standard and if I’m spending more time on trains then I’ll give them an extra charge before I leave the house. As soon as the light has changed from red to blue they’re letting you know that they’re charged up and ready to be used.

Sudio Headphones Controls

I’m finding these headphones particularly useful for when I’m out walking, cleaning the flat and when I’m editing videos at home. I like that I can easily skip past songs and hit pause without having to take my phone out of my handbag. I haven’t experienced any major connectivity issues with the headphones as of yet. If I’m using them at my co-working space and I leave the room then they disconnect but I expected that. As long as I’m in the same room as my phone everything is fine. They seem to work well throughout my flat too. I can make it to my kitchen without my phone, hang up the washing and the music is still playing. I was really impressed with that.

Sudio Headphones and accessories

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my old headphones ’til I started using these. The sound quality is fantastic and much more punchy than my standard Apple headphones. It sounds a little odd but this is how I would describe the sound: strong, smooth and deep. 

Headpgones in my bag

Just FYI – I use an iPhone 6 at the moment so my review is based on how the headphones have worked with this phone. I plan on upgrading to the iPhone 7 soon so these are going to be perfect. I want to say a big thank you to the team at Sudio for sending over a pair of the headphones for me to review.

Sudio are also offering you 15% off with the code PRETTYGREENTEA15

You can find their full collection of headphones on their website and they’ve also recently started to be stocked in Selfridges. If you have any specific questions about the headphones then feel free to leave a comment below, over on Instagram or Twitter. I’m more than happy to give you more info and answer your questions.