House & Home: Black Ice World map

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to pick a map fromĀ HelloCanvas. I’m a big fan of world maps, especially when they’re beautifully displayed on the wall. I’ve often had a world map on my bedroom wall, my traditional one is currently tucked away in storage ’til I next move. I find that they always give me a reminder of what I’m working towards and you can very easily blame the map when you book a last minute city break. They’re also a good reference and useful for little ones to start learning about locations.

HelloCanvas have a really good selection with 8 maps to pick from. You can also opt for a full colour, black and white or sepia toned map. I decided to steer away from the traditional map on this occasion and picked out something a little more unique. I wanted something which would go well on an office wall or in the lounge in our next house. I decided the Black Ice World Map would be a good choice as I hadn’t seen one like it before. I’m so happy with my decision, it looks really chic and smart on the wall. It’s been a talking point for any pals who’ve visited and people always seem to be amazed at the locations of their favourite holiday destinations.

The map looks even better in real life than in photos. It’s very striking yet still blends in well to our current decor. I opted for the largest size which is 36×48 inch but it also comes in 16×4 and 24×36. The best thing to do is grab your tape measure (anĀ essential for every home – we have this) to ensure it fits in the space you have planned for it. I like that it’s on a canvas too, it makes it stand out a little more and is much sturdier and hard-wearing.

It comes with a hanging kit to make your life easier and there’s also a set of 60 red push pin flags. I think this is such a fun idea and while I won’t be using them at this stage I might start pinning places we’ve visited when we move it into an office. For now, the map looks really good on the wall as it is. It was also really easy to order through the website and the canvas arrived within a few days and was well packaged.

What do you think of the Black Ice map style?