Wyldsson Pancakes with Hazelnut & Cocoa Nut Butter

Have you heard about the folks over at Wyldsson? They make healthy snacks and breakfast products which are gluten free and perfect for vegans. I first found out about the brand a year ago through Sourced Box. There was a tube of the Organic Persian Mulberry mix hiding in my first box and I loved it. I’ve been trying out their other seed mixes ever since. They’re useful to keep in your bag or to use in baking – I particularly like to sprinkle them on top of a banana cake.

Pancakes for breakfast - free from

Hazelnut and cocoa

The team at Wyldsson recently dropped me an email to let me know that not only do they create these fab seed mixes but they also recently launched their Hazelnut & Cocoa Nut Butter – a healthy version of Nutella if you will.The spread is truly delicious, it has a lovely rich flavour of chocolate and hazelnuts and I’ll 100% be repurchasing it when I run out.

Don’t expect this delicious jar of goodness to be an exact copy of Nutella. This is a much healthier version and stands strong in its own right. It has a much thicker and nuttier texture than Nutella, like a nut butter. It also contains lots of roasted hazelnuts unlike our familiar friend and it leaves out the palm oil and refined sugar (instead sweetened with little chunks of dates).

Pancakes and toppings

They also sent a Buckwheat Pancake Mix for me to try alongside the nut butter. The pancake mix contains: Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour (72.5%), Coconut Flour, Organic Milled Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds & Sodium Bicarbonate. All you need to add is 1 banana, milk and an egg. You could also make these vegan by using an egg substitute.

These pancakes are so simple to make:

– Mash 1 banana with a fork.
– Add the egg (or alternative) and almond milk then mix well.
– Pour in half of the mix and stir until all the lumps have gone. 

– Heat a pan and add a little oil. Then pour in your first pancake and flip once it begins to go bubbly. 

Pancakes for everyone

Pancakes to start the day

I made 2 separate rounds of pancakes with the mix. The packet is resealable which helps to keep the mix fresh. We all really enjoyed the use of buckwheat flour in the pancakes. It makes them suitable for anyone with a gluten sensitivity or for those of us who fancy a change or want to avoid white flour. The buckwheat gives the pancakes a much nuttier flavour than regular pancakes, they taste really good and I found they were much more filling than the regular pancakes I make.

Dairy Free Pancakes

The Hazelnut & Cocoa Nut Butter spread works very well with these pancakes. I heated a little in a separate bowl before adding a blob to my pancakes. I then added raspberries, because who doesn’t love fruit with pancakes? They went down a treat and my family loved them. I made the second batch a couple of days ago for Phil and he has already requested that we keep a couple of the mixes in the cupboard for lazy mornings.

I’ve also been using the Hazelnut & Cocoa Nut Butter in my overnight oats, on toast and I may have even scooped out a little straight from the jar yesterday. Shh! I think it would also work well in baking, I wouldn’t mind doing a batch of healthy nut butter cups with it.

Pancakes with nut butter and berries
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and do let me know if you give the pancake mix or the Hazelnut & Cocoa Butter a try. I really enjoyed both and will be repurchasing them again. As I can’t eat large amounts of dairy these days it was really nice to find an alternative to Nutella, especially one which is much healthier and more environmentally friendly (more info on the social impacts of palm oil). There will be a full review of the nut butter over on Dairy Free Daisy later this week.