Garden Party Essentials For Summer

We’ve had some lovely weather over the last week or so and I’m pretty sure we’re not alone in getting in the spirit of things by having our first BBQ of the year. I love BBQ season, there’s something special about being able to cook and sit outside in the evening. Maybe it’s because we don’t get to do it often here in the UK, or maybe it’s because it becomes more of an occasion when you inevitably invite friends and family over. There’s just something a little more social and therefore more fun about this time of the year.

As I’m typing this it’s raining outside but looking at my weather app we’re set for more sunshine at the weekend. YAY! I’m looking forward to another BBQ with friends in the garden of our flats, Ciroc cocktails and good music. The folks over at Artificial Lawn Company have shared a few top tips on getting your garden ready for all of those summer parties. This inspired me to put together a wishlist of garden party accessories with a few cactus and fruity themed goodies.

Cacti Carafe | Wooden Cactus Bunting | LED Solar Powered Table Lamp | Watermelon Cocktail Umbrellas | Salad Bowl | Bose Bluetooth Speaker | Wooden 4 In A Row | Royal Doulton Tumblers | Kaleidoscope Serving Bowl | Salsa Garden Sofa

These things aren’t 100% necessary, all you really need is a BBQ, some good food and drink and your pals. However, I’ve found some really fun bits and bobs to optimise your garden party game. If you plan on having lots of get togethers throughout the summer months then it’s always nice to invest in a few key items to really bring the party to life.

A bluetooth speaker is always useful to have to hand. People can take in in turns to link up their phones and play their favourite Spotify lists. Alternatively, you could be really organised and set up one playlist which everyone can add their favourite songs to. That way everyone gets to hear their choice of music throughout the evening. I’d suggest popping in-store and trying a few brands out before making a firm decision. I’m a long-term fan of Bose, which is the one I’ve featured in this wishlist but you can also find some under the £50 mark from Kitsound and Loop’d.

I think it’s important to always have one big jug of water on the table. If people are drinking cocktails and beer throughout the evening then it’s essential to keep everyone hydrated, especially with in the hot weather. This cactus inspired one is a beauty and it’s from one of my favourite shops at the moment, Oliver Bona. Something like this will come in handy throughout the year and not just for the summer months. You can even get matching glasses. If you prefer to keep glass to a minimum when you’re outdoors then think about incorporating picnic accessories. These colourful plastic tumblers and plates are a good option. They won’t break and they’re much more sustainable then buying a pack of disposable plates.

Having a selection of big and small serving bowls can make everything much simpler. You can prep crisps, fresh fruit, veg and salads beforehand and then let everyone help themselves. There are lots of really nice bowls around at the moment but I’m a sucker for these kaleidoscope ones from Lakeland, they’re just so pretty.

Finally, if you have the space then I always think garden games go down a treat for both kids and adults. There are lots of different games around but I particularly like the giant sized ones. This wooden 4-in-a-row looks fantastic, you can also find a cheaper plastic alternative over on Amazon.

Leave a comment below and tell me about your favourite parts of a garden party. 

Thanks to Artificial Lawn Company for collaborating on this post.