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Malfy Gin Drizzle Cake 2017

It’s World Gin Day today so thought this would be the perfect time to share my Double Gin & Lemon Drizzle cake. I’ve made this so many times and although I’d normally either use an icing drizzle or a glaze drizzle, I thought it would be fun to go all in with both for this special day. Feel free to just pick just one of the drizzles but if you really want this to be a strong and zesty cake then I’d suggest going with both.

To create the recipe I took my basic Lemon Drizzle recipe (I’m not entirely sure where it originated from but it’s super easy) and gave it a very simple boozy twist. My family are all fans of a traditional Lemon Drizzle but it’s even better with a shot of your favourite gin. I tend to double this recipe if I have guests coming over otherwise I like to keep it neat like this to ensure it soaks up all the gin.

I’ve seen lots of people sharing their versions of gin infused cakes but I thought it was about time that I got involved too. So, with a little help from the lovely folk at 31Dover I have found a new gin to fit perfectly with this recipe.

Malfy Lemon Gin

When you’re deciding which gin to use for this cake, you can simply use whatever you have to hand. Alternatively, you can give it a little extra thought and pick something that will really compliment the cake well. On this occasion I’m using a gin which is new to me, Malfy. It’s an Italian gin with a real lemony focus. I’ll do a full review and video about this gin next week but just as a quick overview, don’t open up this bottle expecting a classic gin. This gin is all about the lemon. It’s made in Turin with local lemons from the Amalfi Coast. Just looking at the bottle makes me wish I could be transported straight to Italy.

Right, let’s get started with the cake.

Double Gin Drizzle

2 eggs
100g butter – I used dairy free 
100g sugar
100g self-raising flour
Zest of 1 lemon

Double the recipe if needed.

Drizzle 1:
Juice of 1 lemon
1 or 2 shots of Malfy Gin – eyeball it, it’s much more fun
25g sugar

Drizzle 2:
100g icing sugar – adjust according to consistency
Malfy Gin – 1 shot or maybe 2, it all depends on your personal preference
Juice of half a lemon

This cake works perfectly well with just 1 of the drizzle options but if you’re looking for something a little stronger then use both. 


Start things off by setting your oven to 180°. Pick out your favourite mixing bowl and combine together the butter and sugar. One at a time add the eggs into your mixture and keep mixing ’til they’re combined.
Lemon Zest

Grate the zest of 1 lemon into the bowl. Make sure you don’t over-zest the lemon, you don’t want to get the white part of the skin into your mixture as it’s quite bitter.

Sieve the flour into your bowl and mix everything together.

Cake Mix Gin Cake

Take a loaf tin and line it with parchment paper before carefully pouring your mixture into it.

Pop the tin into the oven (180°) for around 30 minutes. Make sure you keep an eye on the cake and adjust the time according to your over.

Take a knife, or something pointy and stick it in the middle. If it comes out a little gooey then pop your cake back into the oven. If it’s clean then take it out and set it to one side.

Lemon Juice Squeeze

Malfy Icing for Gin Drizzle

Take a clean bowl and mix together the sugar, lemon juice and gin. This is going to be poured over the cake while it’s still warm.

Gin Glaze for Lemon Cake

Pop the cake onto a stand with a tray underneath – that’s going to catch all the excess drizzle. Then poke lots of little holes all over the cake. The more the better, you want this cake to be super moist. Next you need to pour the glaze over the top and leave it to set.

Lemon Squeeze

Malfy Gin Icing

Double Gin Drizzle Cake - Prettygreente

Finally, for the double drizzle you’ll need to mix the icing sugar, lemon juice and gin into a fresh jug. Mix it all together and if the consistency is a little thin then add a little more icing sugar. Once it’s ready you can pour generously over your cake.

I think this gives the cake a nice finish, especially if you want to take a snap for Instagram.

Double Gin Drizzle Cake

Don’t forget to garnish with a couple of slices of lemon.

Double Gin Drizzle Slice Cake

Gin Drizzle Cake with Tea

This cake always goes down well so get the kettle on, invite your friends ’round and slice it up.

Moist Gin Drizzle Cake

Feel free to get creative with this recipe and tag me in your photos over on Instagram using the tag #PGTBakes.