A Little Update At Cambridge Brew House


A couple of weeks ago we went to Cambridge for a few days. I always love going homehome. It’s the one place I can really cut off and actually sleep at night. I still do work while I’m there but there’s something about being homehome that means I just sleep very easily at night. I think it also helps that my bedroom there isn’t filled with stacks of boxes waiting to be moved.

Cambridge is such a lovely city and it was good to have some much needed family time while we were there. We also had some time to do a spot of shopping and P managed to pick up some key pieces for his autumn wardrobe. I’m still going working hard at the gym and holding out on any new items ’til the end of the month. Autumn is my favourite season to shop for, so I’m really excited.

On our shopping day we ended up stopping for a quick lunch at The Cambridge Brew House. I’ve wrote about this place before. It has a relaxed studenty vibe and you can get snacks, lunch and dinner there. They also do a good selection of beers, many from their own brewery and a good selection of craft beer too.

Square root london-cambridge

I ordered a bottle of Square Root London, as I always do when I’m there and P had a Night Porter (I think). Let me quickly tell you about Square Root London. They make all of their drinks with fresh seasonal produce. They also contain less sugar then fizzy drinks you may be more familiar with. I’d love to get the founders involved in Behind the Biz.

We picked out a portion of fries and my all-time favourite – sweet potato falafels. They’re vegan and of course, dairy free. Delicious! They have a really good selection of food at The Brew House so it’s well worth checking out if you’re in the city. I’ve always had good service and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.


We’re now back in Sheffield and have been for a couple of weeks. I’m very much focused on working and getting to the gym as much as possible. These are my two priorities at the moment. Within that I want to ensure I’m making more videos and learning new tips and tricks about editing, improving my photography and pitching for new work on a weekly basis.

With the gym, I have a set weight goal but at the moment I’m focused on building consistency and routine. I’m currently making my gym trips in the late afternoon, just before the rush of everyone who goes after work. Ideally I’d like to move this timing to first thing in the morning but that hasn’t quite happened yet. I’ll report back when it does. I’m tracking my workouts with my iWatch and tracking my food with MyFitnessPal.


I hope you’re all well and having a good weekend. I’ll be sharing a list of my favourite videos and reads from the week tonight so do keep an eye out for that. If you’re looking for some cool links from around the web right now then check out my previous #SHARETHELOVE posts.

Leave a comment below with your latests blog post! I always love finding new reads.