Sunday Sharing – Fab Links From Around The Web – 22

It’s been a while since I uploaded a Sunday Sharing post aka #ShareTheLove post but they’re finally back. I love to share new blogs, vlogs and other content over on Twitter and Facebook each day. Those links can easily be lost with my fast moving timelines. I enjoy sharing a post of fantastic content created by other people here on Prettygreentea. I’ll be sharing different links within these posts but if there’s something really special then you’ll also find it within the list.

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I spend a lot of time online working on Prettygreentea, Dairy Free Daisy and also with clients. I often come across cool new blogs, inspiring articles, creative videos and fantastic independent brands. I want to share some of my recent find with you today and I hope you find something you love. If you do, be sure to #ShareTheLove and pass on the article or video to a friend.

I’m LOVING a look in to daily life in Tehran through @sabaasafari.

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Learn a little about Matti Suuronen’s Futuro House – (UFO style living)

If you’re into candles then check out Osmology. They source unique candles from around the world

I want beautiful blue hair like Emilina. Her Instagram feed is FANTASTIC.

This llama enamel pin by Susie Ghahremani is so cute.

I keep getting Drew Monson’s new song stuck in my head.

Aftab talks about his journey of empowerment through travel.

People Tree have the cutest kitty t-shirt in stock.

Carrie’s photos from Norway are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to book a trip of my own.

I’m all about this pineapple necklace from Sophie’s latest collection.

Claire Marshall has been sharing daily vlogs throughout September. They’re always shot and edited well and I find them inspiring.

I’m always looking for new content to read and share. Feel free to send me your blog posts or the best that you’ve read recently over on Twitter or in the comment section below.