Everybody deserves support. It’s essential for everything we do in life and can come in many different forms. The topic of support has been on my mind a lot recently. Here’s a tweet I shared out a couple of weeks ago.

Just a quick note, when I say bloggers what I really mean is any form of online creator.

I was pleased to see that others agreed with my tweet and were ready to support (and continue supporting) their blogging peers. It’s very easy to show support within the online world so there’s really no excuse.

I know that I may be stating the obvious within today’s post but a little reminder never hurts. This post isn’t just to encourage bloggers to support each other but for anyone who reads a blog, watches a YouTube video or enjoys an Instagram account to appreciate and support that content.

6 simple ways to support bloggers and content creators:

Comment – Take the time to write a comment on something you’ve enjoyed. It might be an inspiring blog post, a well shot Instagram, a funny YouTube video or a thought-provoking tweet. I appreciate that it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to blogs. They aren’t really optimised for quick and easy comments via your phone – a way in which many of us are currently consuming content. However, the YouTube app makes it easy and of course, it’s really quick through social media. You could always make a note of stand-out blog posts and then go back to comment when you’re on your laptop.

Share – Always share the content you enjoy. You don’t have to do this directly as a comment but instead make use of your social media accounts and let your friends know about awesome things you’ve found around the web. You can simple share a link to someone’s Instagram timeline on Twitter or Facebook or shout about an inspiring blog post on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. This includes #spon content, it’s how we pay our bills and just as much, if not more hard work goes into creating it.

Retweet – If you see a cool photo or blog post then hit that retweet button so others can enjoy it too. Really quick, simple and supportive.

Be thoughtful – Don’t just leave comments for the sake it. Ask a question, say what you really like about a photo or simply, tag a friend who may also enjoy the photo or blog post.

Matchmaking – If you’re contacted by a PR or brand and you think of someone who’d be ideal for the campaign then pass on their details.

Be personable – Drop your favourite content creators a direct messages and let them know how much their work means to you. If you read a post that really inspires or helps you out then let that person know.

In short, if you consume awesome content then make sure you share it with your friends. There are of course many other ways in which you can show your support, but I just wanted to share a few quick and simple ways with you today. Please feel free to leave a comment below with a blog post of video you’ve really enjoyed today. 

I’ve also recently seen people saying that they find it hard to find new content to consume. Well, through supporting the creators you love it means you’ll also be helping others to find new reads.