House & Home: 4 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Light

I have some exciting news coming up (if all goes to plan) which means you’ll start seeing more House & Home posts popping up over the coming weeks. Along with travel and recipes these are some of my favourite blog posts to create.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, as is winter. Most of us have packed away our summer clothes and pulled our cosy coats to the front of the wardrobe. It’s now time to start bringing warm hues into our homes, cosy textures into the living room and of course, picking the right lighting to create desired atmospheres in each room.

Today I wanted to take some time to talk to you about the importance of lighting your home. I think this is a particularly important topic during the autumn and winter months. I’m a big fan of natural lighting. I work hard to bring as much of it into my home throughout the year. However, during the colder months there’s significantly less light to work with.

A lot of people underestimate the power of light in the home. Your choice of lighting can make or break a room.

As much as a variety of ceiling lights are essential in a home that’s not where it stops. These lights are useful for illuminating a full room. If you’re short on space then dimmer switches will be your best friends. Don’t just opt for spot lighting in every room though. Think outside the box, analyse the feeling you want to create in the room and the function of the room. Then take it from there and look into floor lamps, under-cabinet lighting, fairy lights, remote control led strip lights and much more. There’s a whole world of lighting to dive into.

In today’s post I’m going to share my thoughts on the different options available when it comes to lighting. I’ll be covering some of my favourite styles of ceiling lights, mood lights and what you should consider for different rooms. I hope this post gives you a little inspiration for lighting your home throughout the darker months.

Floor Lamps

During the colder months I want my home to have a warm and welcoming feeling during the day and a cosy and snug feeling in the evening. For this I look towards one of my favourite lighting options, floor lamps.

Floor lamps often offer an upward glow to a room and are one of the best ways to brighten up the corner of a dark room. There are many options available and you can also pick out more task-focus floor lamps too.

This style of lighting works particularly well in a living room. They can offer both ambient lighting and task lighting depending on the style you opt for. These retro floor lamps with an arc-shape drop are ideal for reading and also look fantastic.

Floor lamps are also super easy to install which makes them ideal for anyone who lives in a flat/apartment. You simply plug them in and go. You can also easily move them around the room which is always handy when you want to have a re-shuffle

Pendent Lighting

I usually call pendent lighting drop lighting, what do you call it? This is another of my favourite types of lighting and one which I’m looking forward to incorporating into my new home.

There are many benefits to pendent lighting, but one of the most important is that they’re a fun way to jazz up a boring room. They are a really good way of adding character. This is particularly the case if you opt for large, eye-catching fixtures.

I personally find spot lighting to be quite harsh so drop/pendent are a fun alternative whilst still offering a significant amount of light. They can be used to highlight specific areas but are equally as useful for offering a wider spectrum of light – depending upon the style you pick.

When you use pendent lights or drop lights it’s important to go with a softer bulb, especially if it’s over a kitchen table. A bulb that still offers enough light, but nothing to strong and overpowering. The brand Lights have a fantastic variety of lighting available, especially when it comes to pendent lights.

Pendent lights are very popular at the moment so there are plenty of modern options available. I think they’re a fantastic way of incorporating the industrial or mid-century modern trends into your home. If you have enough space this water pipe with 6 bulbs in is a fun way to start getting involved with the industrial trend.

My favourite place for these types of lights in the kitchen, especially when you have your dining table in there. Depending on the style you opt for it’s nice to either have one big one that offers a talking point and wow factor to the room or alternatively a selection of smaller more dainty ones.

While we’re speaking about the industrial trend, take a look at Edison-style bulbs. They offer a subtle introduction to the industrial/warehouse style without investing in any large items. You can even LED versions of the bulbs. I think these bulbs work well in the kitchen and living area. They offer a nostalgic feel.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, they can be used all year around. If you’ve been reading Prettygreentea for a while you’ll know that I get a lot of use out of fairy lights. They’re a cheap and cheerful way to add a cosy and warming atmosphere to any room. I’ve found them particularly useful while living in a rented flat because they’re easy to plug in and go and you can move them around easily.

You can use fairy lights in every room. I currently have a set at the top of my bed, they’re always the last thing I turn off at night. Although they don’t offer enough light to read they do give my room a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which is important before bed. I also like to loop them around the shelves in my lounge. Again, they simply add a little mood lighting.

You can get really creative with fairy lights, especially as there are now solar and battery operated ones. Grab a Kilner jar or an old bottle of Malfy gin and stuff the lights inside. These can then sit in your kitchen or on a shelf and add a little more interest to the room. There’s lots of fun ideas over on Pinterest.

Table Lamps

When you’re looking for something that will be both functional and pretty turn to table lamps. You might be looking for a task light to sit by your bed, to use in your office or by your favourite chair in the living room. There are many reasons to incorporate a table lamp into your home.

A bedside table lamp is probably one of the most popular ways to use them. If you don’t have the right lighting by your bed then you certainly won’t get back into the habit of reading a book or magazine before you fall asleep.

When you’re picking out table lamps look closely at the height of the lamp and the type of bulb you pick for it. You want it to be functional as a task lamp but if it’s sitting next your bed it equally needs to be soft enough to use in the evening. They often offer a calm light which can be used throughout your home.

Final thoughts

Don’t stick to one theme of lighting throughout the home. You should be creating different atmospheres within each room. There are of course many other types of ways to bring light into your home. Keep your curtains open throughout the day, even when the sky is grey. Soak up as much natural light as you can and then supplement with strategic lighting options to create an uplifting or cosy atmosphere.