8 signs you’re becoming a fully-fledged adult

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I hope you enjoy this collaborative post. Becoming an adult isn’t scary but it’s something that does seem to happen quite suddenly. Check out the list below and see how many points you agree with. 

As children we assume that the adults around us have all got it together, but when we grow up we suddenly become aware that there isn’t a defining moment where you feel like an adult. I’ve worked hard since graduating university with the goal of becoming self-employed and creating a lifestyle that works for me, but I still have days where I feel like I’m totally winging it. Here’s my list of modern markers that prove you’re becoming a fully-fledged member of the adult world.

  1. Your long list of daily errands seems never-ending

From remembering to take the bins out to buying birthday gifts and booking the car in for its MOT, it feels like there’s always something to do. Try to stay on top of things by using a productivity app to help you get things done and simplify your life.

  1. Your timeline is filled with friends getting engaged and having babies

Once upon a time your Facebook timeline was filled with your friends’ late-night shenanigans and your event list was through the roof. Nowadays you spend your time online congratulating friends on their grown up achievements while you feel like you’re getting left behind.

  1. Less of your cash goes towards frivolous expenses

Gone are the days when you lived at home with your parents and could spend the majority of your monthly income on magazine subscriptions. You’re a member of the real world now and shell out your hard-earned cash for necessities like rent and energy bills. If you’re looking to save money and manage your utility bills, get a smart meter installed by your energy supplier to keep a tighter track of costs.

  1. Evenings in front of a good film are more appealing than evenings out

Chandler in friends once put it so perfectly. ‘I’m 29 years old, damn it! And I want to sit in a comfortable chair and watch television and go to sleep at a reasonable hour’. Netflix is most definitely the new going out.

  1. You plan meals in advance and batch-cook for a later date

Suddenly meal planning makes perfect sense, and you traverse the supermarket aisles with a detailed shopping list from which you can’t stray. It might sound boring, but this saves so much time and cuts down on waste.

  1. You’ve started to side with the adult characters when you watch children’s films

Watching cartoons and children’s films has become a whole new experience, as you suddenly understand the sneakily placed adult humour. You also find you have more in common with the adult characters than the feisty young ones – who ever said Nemo’s dad was boring?

  1. Your phone storage is filled with pictures of your pet

There’s nothing quite like scrolling through cutesy pictures of your pet to get the serotonin going. If you’re one step ahead of the rest, your beloved pet probably has their own Instagram account too.

  1. Buying new homeware becomes your #1 guilty pleasure

It’s no longer a big deal to part with your hard-earned cash for new cushions for your sofa or a pretty dining set for future dinner parties. When you’re not collecting items for your dream home, you’re adding them to your wishlist and collecting them on Pinterest.

Is there anything I’ve missed? If so, let me know in the comments below!