House & Home – Copper Kitchen Round-Up

There’s never really a time when I’m not eyeing up new kitchenware.

I’ve been putting off upgrading a lot of things over the last year or so and saving it ’til we move. I’ve had some of my cookware and cutlery for a very long time now, over 10 years. As I type this I’ve realised that I’ve had a lot of these things since my university days. They’ve held up well over those 10 years but I think it’s time for a change.

I’ve put together a fun round-up of copper kitchen accessories. I’m hoping this well help me to get organised and that it will also give you some home inspiration. Even if you’re not planning on moving any time soon it can be nice to treat yourself to a few new shiny bits of equipment.

One really good way I’ve discovered to shop for kitchen accessories is through Love the Sales. Have you ever checked out their site? I think I first discovered it through a few other bloggers over the summer. They basically pull up your search results from all over the internet and show you the best deals and sales. For example, I searched kettles and managed to find 2 of the ones I’ve been eyeing up at a slightly cheaper price. Not bad, I just need to make a final decision now. I’ve also found the site super handy for locating offers on Le Creuset kitchenware – YAY.

Here are 12 copper kitchen accessories I have my eye on at the moment. 

1 – Copper Pendant Shade 2 – Dualit Kettle 3 – Linea Saucepan Set 4 – Binopolis Simplehuman Bin 5 – Breville Toaster 6 – Wire Dish Drainer 7 – Hand Blender 8 – Copper Style Cocktail Set 9 – Knife Block Set 10 – Penny Clock 11 – Cutlery Set  12 – Cookie Cutter Set

I might follow this post up with another one about pastel kitchen accessories. I haven’t decided on my theme yet so I like to keep all options open. Infact, I’m fairly sure I’ll end up going for one of the pastel Smeg kettles. I’m sure I’ll be bringing elements of copper or soft gold into the kitchen too.

Do you enjoy shopping for home accessories? Leave a comment below and let me know.