Red & Yellow Winter Coats

I’m on the hunt for a new winter coat. Actually, I always keep an eye out for new coats at this time of the year. The sales start early and because we live in the UK it stays cold ’til around April. I like having a few different jackets and coats to rotate between so I don’t get bored or over-use any of them.

I’m keen to add something colourful to my wardrobe. I can’t decide between yellow or red but I know I want something bright and cheerful. I have a classic green Barbour which I use when it rains and a navy wool coat from Boden. I need something that’s either waterproof or warm, a combo of the two would be ideal.

I was doing a little research last night and have come across a few favourites which I thought I’d share with you today. There are 6 jackets; 3 red and 3 yellow. I like them all but must admit that I’ll always be drawn to a good old Barbour because of the quality, they just last for years. I found some fab Barbour offers on Love The Sales, some even had up to 40% off.

Along with the Barbour jackets I’m also taken my the red and yellow jackets from Joules. Have any of you tried them? I’m a little unsure of the length of them on me so I’ll pop into the shops today to try one on. They look waterproof and warm which would be good in the current weather.

Finally, I think my most favourite is this red beauty. I adore the red with the blue detailing and it looks very cosy. It also looks very smart but perhaps a little long for me. I think I’ll have to try it on before making a final decision. It’s a little pricier than the others but I’ll be keeping an eye out in case it comes down in price again.

1 – Barbour Yellow Jacket | 2 – Grace & Oliver Red Coat | 3 – Joules Yellow Waterproof Jacket | 4 – Joules Waterproof Jacket | 5 – Hobbs Mimosa Coat | 6 – Red Barbour

Which would you pick?