Sending Christmas Cards + Basic Invite Discount

I love sending Christmas cards.

I enjoy the whole process from picking or designing a card to fit the person I’m writing to and taking out my colourful gel pens to write a note, though I’m not the neatest. I always set aside one evening early in December to write out my Christmas cards. Fuelled with mulled wine and mince pies, of course.

It’s a very enjoyable process. It forces me to take some time to think about friends and family I haven’t seen for a while and it’s much more personal than dropping someone a Facebook message. I think it’s such a shame that so many people will send a text or a message on social media to say Happy Christmas or Happy Birthday. Of course, that’s fine when it’s just an acquaintance but if it’s someone you’re close to or have been close to over the years it’s nice to put a little more effort in. Even if it’s just a short note or simply sending well wishes it’s a much more friendly and personal way of keeping in contact with friends and loved ones.

Sending a Christmas card shows that you’re thinking of someone. It also gives you the chance to share any exciting life updates and maybe more importantly, show your appreciation for someone. For example, a friend may have been particularly supportive throughout the year so it’s nice to be able to thank them and tell them how important their support was. It’s also the perfect excuse to stock up on cute stickers and colourful pens. 

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to send and create cards.

Have you used Basic Invite before? It was founded back in 2006 and is based in Saint George, Utah. They offer lots of options to help make your cards totally unique which is not only useful for weddings and parties but also for Christmas cards. I’m really pleased to have discovered the site and delighted to have this post sponsored by Basic Invite.

Basic Invite gives you the option to totally customise your holiday cards. You can change each element of the design and they have over 160 colour options. You can make the card exactly how you want it and there’s even instant previews. There are also over 40 different colours of envelopes to pick from – this is a fun way to make your invites and cards stand-out in the post.

I was pleased to discover that you can order a custom sample to see what your card will look like and what the paper quality (5 paper-type to pick from) is like before you put in your full final order. I think this is a stand-out service, especially when you’re ordering online. If you’re a stationery addict you’ll appreciate the importance of good quality paper.

There are over 400 Christmas cards and holiday designs to pick from and they also offer foil cards. You can pick form rose gold, silver or gold and opt for flat or raised foil. This style is very chic and luxury. They also have lots of options for you to add in your own photographs, this is particularly useful during the festive season.

Finally, I wanted to highlight Basic Invite’s address capturing service. They supply customers with a link to share over social media to request friends and family’s addresses. This will then keep them stored in your account and they can be selected during the design process. Very handy!

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