How To Pick A Word To Guide Your Year + My Word

At the start of 2018 I set my goals for the year (find out more about that hereand I also picked out one word to guide me through the year. I know, it sounds really cheesy and a real hipster thing to do but it’s been very useful in previous years. I’m all for anything that helps me to find focus and work hard towards my goals.

In previous years I’ve picked the following words to inspire me; create, focus and patience. All of which worked well to guide me throughout the year. I’ve since carried on writing those words at the front of my diary and notebooks to ensure I keep creating new things, focus on the important tasks and most importantly of all, have patience in everything I do. As much as I love adding a new word each year I also like to keep words from the previous years at the front of my mind.

Selecting a word of the year is a good guide to encourage and motivate yourself.

Benefits of picking a word for the year

Here are a few benefits to picking a word for the year ahead.

Define and Focus – It will help you to define the purpose of your year and find a clear theme to focus on.

Flexibility – You can set and alter your goals around the word. It gives you a little more flexibility and room for movement.

Guide – Your word will guide you through the year and hopefully encourage you to make more decisions based upon your ultimate goals. For example, if you’ve picked health or wellness then you can use the word to push you to try more classes at the gym or get to bed a little earlier at night time.

How to pick a word for the year

I think picking out a word for the year is truly subjective.

Your word could be anything from health, laughter, happiness or creativity. To me, I find that at the start of each year I know what I want to build and improve upon throughout the year ahead. My word of the year usually comes straight from that. The word I pick ties all my goals for the year together nicely.

As I said, it really is subjective so please don’t be influenced by my word of the year. Think about what YOU want and NEED from your word of the year and let it come to you naturally.

There is no right or wrong word and you don’t haver to share it with anyone unless you want to.

A few examples to inspire your word of the year.








This year my word of the year is MORE. 

To put it simply I want to DO MORE.

I want to travel more and visit new places in the UK and overseas.

I want to become more focused on health and get to the gym throughout the working week as well as trying out new sports and eating well.

I want to take more courses to build upon my skillset.

I want to spend more time to improve my photography and video editing skills.

I think you get the idea.

I want to do more to improve myself, my work and to make the most of my free time. It’s a very simple word but one that will push me in all areas of my life. I think it might be my favourite word of the year so far.

Leave a comment below and let you me if you’ve set a word for the year. Don’t forget, you don’t need to do it at the very start of the year. Just like goal setting you can get started TODAY.