Bathroom Storage Ideas – House & Home

At the weekend we moved into our new house. It’s our first house together and it’s all very exciting. We’d been in our flat in Sheffield for around 4 years so we were overdue due a change. We’ve moved into a new-ish build so luckily there’s not a lot to do in the house. While I’d love to take on a big renovation project it’s not something we could do right now.

We were keen to make a few changes to the house and pulled out the built-in wardrobe and removed the carpets on the day we got the keys. We’re now in the process of laying shiny new flooring in the bedroom and are hoping to be done by the weekend.

There are a few things I want to get for the new place; washing machine, bed, toaster, kettle, sofa and storage in the bathroom. I’ve started my washing machine research and will be popping in-store to make a final decision at the end of this week. Picking a sofa is a much longer process so I’m going to focus on sorting the bathroom and kitchen first.

I want to find storage for the bathroom to keep my make-up and skincare products in. I’m looking for something stylish, nothing too bulky yet with lots of space to organise my products.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite finds from around the web and hope that they give you some inspiration too. This post is kindly sponsored by the lovely folk over at Victorian Plumbing They have a really good selection of storage solutions for the bathroom as well as a fab selection of beautiful stand-alone baths – this one is the dream.

Kartell Componibili | Wireworks Mezza | Brooklyn Mid Oak | Hudson Caddy | Ladder Storage | Cove Unit | Stockholm Standing Cabinet

Above are the 7 storage solutions I like for the bathroom. I’m not totally sure with the style I want to go with yet but I’ll always be drawn to minimalist Scandinavian designs. I think we’ll have to go for a grey or light wood shade although I do love rich, dark walnut wood. The open shelves look fantastic and really chic but I don’t think they’d work for what I need. I have a lot of skincare products which don’t need to be on display all the time.

Which would you pick?