MicroBarBox February Cocktail Club

I LOVE it when a MicroBarBox arrives at my door.

I’ve had quite a few of them over the years and they’re my go to gifts for friends and family at Christmas and birthdays. They always go down well and I like that you can sign up for a monthly subscription (and cancel at any time) or buy a one-off box.

You can pick to join the Monthly Cocktail Club and try something new and exciting each month. Alternatively you can opt for a dedicated gin, vodka, whisky or rum box. You can even buy full-sized bottles of your favourite spirits straight from the site.

Today I’m going to be showing you inside the February Cocktail Box. But first, I have a special discount code just for Prettygreentea readers.

Simply use the code: prettygreentea5x3 and this will give you £5 off your first 3 monthly cocktail boxes

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Microbar Box Cocktails

The MicroBarBox arrives at your door neatly packaged into a smart and secure box. I told you it makes a good gift!

When you open it up you’ll find a selection of spirits, mixers and snacks. There will be enough to make 4-6 cocktails which are illustrated on the cocktail menu. I like that there are multiple options so you can really get creative with the cocktails.

One of the things I love most is discovering new brands and MicroBarBox never lets me down. There’s always a mix of familiar brands and small batch UK distillers. I’m already hooked on the WILD vodka and can’t wait to try more of the flavours. WILD is made at Raisthorpe Manor in North Yorkshire. They also the home to Yorkshire Gin.

Contents of the February box can be seen below: 

Microbarbox 2018 Feb

I was really happy with the contents of the February Cocktail Club. As you can imagine, it had a Valentines theme with the ingredients for; a Love Potion, a Woo Woo, a Chambord Kiss and a Tall Redhead.

Microbarbox cocktails

The Baileys and Chambord (Black Raspberry)  made a delicious Chambord Kiss – you’ll see me making this in my video. It tasted like a rich chocolatey dessert. Remember, if you’re not keen on some of the cocktail suggestions then go off-piste. Get creative and make your own cocktails. The menu is simply there for inspiration. I personally like to follow the recipes because I’m always keen to learn how to make cocktails which are new to me. 

Microbarbox cocktail kit

Use the pomegranate, lemonade and potato vodka to make a Tall Redhead. I’m a big fan of the berry company and was pleased that this recipe uses my favourite flavour. I’d never tried a Tall Redhead before but I think it might be one of my new favourites. It’s so easy to make too.

Peanuts and cashews

The Cambrook Sweet Chilli Peanuts & Cashews went down very quickly. We shared these the other evening and OMG they’re so moreish.

Strawberry vodka

I mentioned before that the WILD Strawberry vodka is delicious. Well, I was going to put this into the Love Potion but decided to have it as a sipping shot and it was a very good idea. I also added a splash to a glass of prosecco – you have to try it.

Funkin Mixer cocktail

Another way to use the potato vodka is in the Strawberry Woo Woo. I still have half the vodka left from the Tall Red Head so this is perfect. I’ll probably make this over the weekend.

So, do you fancy winning the February Cocktail Box?

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Just get involved below and good luck to everyone. The competition ends on the 8/03/18

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