Tamper’s reusable coffee cups

There are lots of fantastic independent coffee shops here in Sheffield and I class many of them as my favourites. It’s all too easy to grab a coffee to go and end up with yet another single-use coffee cup in your hand. I’m sure you’ve all heard how our 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year. In the UK alone we get through 7 million coffee cups a day, yes A day, that’s 2.5 billion in a year (more info on those figures here). So I think it’s important we all start doing our bit to tackle the problem. It’s not easy and we can’t all be perfect 100% of the time but having good intentions is where it starts.

So towards then end of last week I popped into Tamper. I wanted to grab one of their reusable coffee cups for my mum. I hadn’t seen them but she’d told me they look just like Keep Cups. Guess what? They were Keep Cups but with the Tamper branding on. They look fantastic and come in clear, grey, white and black. I decided to pick out 2 which I knew my mum would like, let her pick the colour she wanted and keep the other one for myself. With each Tamper Keep Cup you buy you get a free coffee. It can either be used on the day or you can pop back in for it.

My mum opted for the clear mug, a solid choice and I’m using the grey one. I’m so happy with the mug and have been using everyday since I got it. I’ll either leave the house with a fresh cup of coffee (thanks Nespresso, love you) or what’s been happening more this week is that I’ll stop by Tamper on the way to my co-working space and order a flat white with oat milk in my fancy new mug. I like being able to support a local business like this and Tamper’s coffee is just so good!


It’s comfortable to hold, not too big (8oz), just a little larger than a flat white. The lid is very secure which is important and it’s splash-proof too. I don’t have coffee spilling out as I walk. It’s also really light which I’m very happy about. At the end of the day I close the lid (the plug goes over the mouthpiece) securely and pop it into my bag to carry home.

If you want to get yourself a Tamper mug just pop into one of their shops, they’re here and here. If you don’t live in Sheffield but you love the style of this mug then order yourself a Keep Cup. They come in lots of fantastic colours, different sizes and are totally dishwasher safe.